1. He sounds like peter griffin lo

  2. I cannot believe this guy never said “why I oughta”.

  3. That moment when his head lines up perfectly with the Farmland logo

  4. Larry, Moe, come get yer pal Curly, he’s had a little too much to drink

  5. That hands on the hip holding his pants up walk was pretty intimidating

  6. Say “Felony!”

  7. Who walks with their feet at 90° angles to one another? Watching him makes my knees and hips hurt.

  8. Is this Quahog?!?

  9. Hey lois, I’m a police officer now hehehehe.

  10. Who in their right mind would want to pretend to be a cop. Even cops are sick of being cops

  11. He’s definitely practiced that swagger.

    His whole life was leading up to this one stretch of ground

  12. YOu know what’s more annoying than baggy pants that fall down? Wearing a belt and having it so loose you need to still hold your pants up with your hands and walking like a huge dork.

  13. Wow, Michael Chiklis has *really* let himself go…

  14. officer goofball at your service

  15. Do you like apples?

  16. Gonna get the papers, get the papers.

  17. Oh no he might waddle over and after he catches his breathe then you’re in trouble.

  18. “It’s a pwomise”

  19. Meal team six right here


  21. Anyone have an update on this guy?

  22. All this dude needs is clown shoes, he’s got the walk down pat

  23. This guy saunters

  24. This guy seems mentally handicapped, or perhaps he’s just an average American I can’t tell nowadays.

  25. Who walks with their feet completely out to the side, other than Captain Morgan?

  26. I hope he was found and charged.

    “Im a police officer”
    *one shoe is untied*
    *and has to hold up pants*

    S u r e

  27. Cuz you won’t weave pweepol awone!

  28. Well he certainly has the physical appearance of one.

  29. You can’t use that gangster swagger walk while holding up your pants with one hand and pretending your hand’s on a gun

  30. Well, tbh, I would be kinda suspicious and nervous if someone was filming me for, apparently, no reason at all… If I had any courage at all I would ask them politely if they could stop or why. But irl I would probably just run for my life.

  31. Can’t decide who’s voice is most annoying

  32. Based on his health condition, it would take a long time to come after you

  33. Am cwomin awfta yeh..!

  34. Sheriff of Quahog

  35. Please tell me there is a part 2, or at least a epilouge of the guy getting to meet real cops.

  36. Why was he filming him though?

  37. Kinda feel like the guy filming is a dick as well

  38. Yo, you filmin me pow? Ya, it’s public propahty!

  39. Shouldn’t he be at home with Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday , and Pugsley

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