to impersonate a police officer

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to impersonate a police officer from therewasanattempt

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  1. YOu know what’s more annoying than baggy pants that fall down? Wearing a belt and having it so loose you need to still hold your pants up with your hands and walking like a huge dork.

  2. I hope he was found and charged.

    “Im a police officer”
    *one shoe is untied*
    *and has to hold up pants*

    S u r e

  3. You can’t use that gangster swagger walk while holding up your pants with one hand and pretending your hand’s on a gun

  4. Well, tbh, I would be kinda suspicious and nervous if someone was filming me for, apparently, no reason at all… If I had any courage at all I would ask them politely if they could stop or why. But irl I would probably just run for my life.