1. There are no good reasons for parental leave to be gendered.

    Parents should get a year, divided up however they wish. Whether it’s both parents simultaneously taking six months, both parents taking one month while the other takes 11, whatever they wish.

  2. Ild vote for that.

    The best thing we can do for our kids is have time for them.

  3. Yes please. It also would somewhat level the playing field in some industries for women to get hired. I have heard hiring managers pass on candidates because “they’ll probably be taking maternity leave in 9 months”.

  4. Would be lovely. Bubs is 1 week old today, I’m thankful that I had a lot of annual leave saved up so I can take paid time off and help out.

  5. I thought parental leave could be given to whichever parent you wish?

  6. Not just dads either. We’re a two mum family and when I gave birth to our son my wife only had a week off.

  7. I was fortunate enough to be living in Norway when we had our two children. The parents get 48 weeks leave at 100% pay or 58 weeks at 80% pay. Throw into the mix your holiday leave – 10 weeks combined – you can push out the raising of your little rug rat to 68 weeks at 80% pay.

    Plus your place of work must keep you in your original job when you come back, so they can’t say “yes we have a job for you” and then have you cleaning toilets. Heaps more about parental leave can be read here: [https://www.lifeinnorway.net/parental-leave/](https://www.lifeinnorway.net/parental-leave/)

    In contrast, moving back to NZ in 2019 and talking with friends having kids, the dad is lucky if he can swing 2 weeks off work. The mindset of work places here is fucked. When I had my first child, I went for a job interview and was completely open about having a child, they just said “life happens, no problem” and offered me the job. I stayed there for 8 years, one of the best places I have ever worked.

  8. My husband had a minor car accident on the way home from work the first week after our first newborn was born. Only one he ever had. Two much of being woken up. Dangerous all the dad’s on no sleep I guess.

  9. Amen to this. My workplace gives all new parents (mums and dads) three months of parental leave that you can take up to two years after the birth. It really does make all the difference! When my first was born I only had two weeks to me (one week paid and the other unpaid) and it SUCKED.

  10. It definitely does. When my bubs was born almost a year a go I drafted up an email to send to a bunch of MP’s around my thoughts on it but I never sent it because it feels like a pipe-dream – no-one cares about it. It was around this time it came up in online American discourse with Joe Rogan and a bunch of other tossers basically saying men should never take, or want, parental leave

    I took a month of annual leave to spend all of May with my daughter and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. I loved every minute of it and I’m sad that not everyone can have that opportunity to spend quality time with their newborn/young bubs

  11. This is how you fix the gender wage gap.

  12. How is this in the retirement commissioners remit?

  13. I think this is also really important to negate the situation in many families where there is a ‘primary parent’ and the other parent ‘looks after’ their own kid. I think having greater ease of both parents having some solid time as the primary parent is really important to avoid an uneven distribution of the mental load of being the ‘lead parent’ and gives confidence to both parents that they can each sub in and out and give each other a genuine break. That’s important for parental relationships and mental health.

  14. Children thrive when they have a close nurturing relationship with their dad. We need to build a parent centred support system that accommodates healthy relationships with children whilst working.

  15. We desperately need longer paid parental leave imo, however it happens.

  16. Wouldn’t that be a move to the 21st century!

  17. it was mostly a case of bad timing, but when my only child was born, my boss was basically begging me to come back to work 3 days afterward. support staff in education and it was week one of the teaching year. my wife was doing well with it all, but she still resents the school for it

  18. My work place paid me 10 weeks full pay, both kids. My wife was able to start back at work a couple of days week and I was able to spend time with my kid. Win win.

  19. I was shocked to hear I didn’t get any when really I’m the one taking care of the other kids when my wife and Newborn are recovering.

    How is that fair?

  20. As a parent who just came off my unpaid leave i fully support this. It is outrageous that just those that can afford it get to spend time with their babies. Most countries we like comparing ourselves with have way better parental leave conditions than us.

  21. I totally agree!

  22. The way child support is done in New Zealand needs a significant overhaul. I’d much prefer this be addressed.

  23. This is about time. What happens if a gay couple has a newborn, or a trans man gives birth? Did they receive less time off due to their gender? This is why more diverse people need to be involved in government. White cishet people often overlook minority groups.

  24. Did Barry Soper write this?

  25. I’m confused now – I swear I’ve been shown before (here on this sub) that this is already the case.

  26. That be nice my first child I got a day off after the birth and then back to work.

  27. Agree. I’m currently on parental leave for multiple months fully paid because of my overseas employer.

    I don’t think we should go that far but at a state level it should at least offer both parents leave at the same time and up the pay by 25%.

  28. My company just changed the leave policy so that partners get 4 weeks paid leave. Almost enough to make me have another kid…………. Almost.

  29. ? None of the places I’ve ever worked at have gendered it.
    I’ve worked at a Caltex, McDonalds, Downers, & Corrections.

    It’s always been either parent can have it, Is that not standard?

  30. Hahaha this is great

  31. Currently you can transfer your paid parental leave to your partner if they’ve been working 6 or 12 months or more with their current employer.

    If we can have kids I (male) plan on taking 6 months off to help share the burden and form a better bond.

    What should be the case is both get the same amount which would help with child rearing equality so it just doesn’t fall on the woman.

  32. If someone can explain why businesses have to pay employees parental leave?

    Why is it tied to your job how much money you get for parental leave?

    Why doesn’t the government pay for it instead through MSD, and everyone get paid equally?

    It doesn’t make any sense to me.

  33. Isn’t men asking for stuff now toxic masculinity?

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