TIL that Michael Jackson had a patent on the shoes he used…

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TIL that Michael Jackson had a patent on the shoes he used in Smooth Criminal, the ones that allowed him to lean forward at a 45° angle.

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  1. I think there is a video of one of the live performances where one of the shoes doesn’t properly locks in, and MJ falls over. Apparently he can’t do the lean by pure willpower alone.

  2. Did anyone read the fucking article? He did not use the shoes in the video. He used the shoes for live performances, he used wires in the video.

  3. Your title is slightly misleading. In the music video, he achieved the lean with wires. The shoes were for live performances

  4. I may get crushed for this. Michael Jackson’s Smooth criminal is good and all… . …. And I’m not sure if it’s because it came out right at the height of my youth or what, but alien ant farms version is way way better.

  5. Those shoes and similar variations were used in vaudeville acts decades before he was born. Similar techniques were used by NASA, and a Cirque du Soleil act 10 years before this patent.

    The concept that a patent proves who invented something has never been true.

  6. There is an old film of some dude doing that move decades before Jackson. I’m surprised he was granted the patent. Moonwalk was also invented by someone else decades earlier.