TIL that Humans are one of only two species conclusively…

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TIL that Humans are one of only two species conclusively proven to exhibit a homosexual orientation, though over 500 have been shown to exhibit homosexual behaviour. The other species is the Domestic Sheep.

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  1. I guess Bonobos are official listed as bisexual. The ladies have sex with each other for fun, but with men for kids. The men have sex with each other, just not as often as the ladies do with each other.

  2. My mother trained as an auctioneer in the 1970s, when that was still a profession. She was in class learning about how to accurately estimate the value of various livestock, and the teacher said, “don’t let any politician tell you gay *people* are unnatural, because I’m here to tell you the price of a sheep is lower if the sheep won’t breed with the opposite sex. And if sheep can be gay, that’s got to be how God made them.”

    It was the first time my mother heard an adult openly discuss the topic, and it really made an impression on her. She’d been from the kind of community where if your neighbors knew you weren’t straight, they’d simply ignore your relationships completely. It took a man who appraised livestock for a living to break that taboo and show her that acceptance was possible.

    Shortly after, Mom moved to NYC to work in the theater business, and has been a committed LGBTQ ally from that day to this.

  3. I thought all mammals had the possibility of this, even some insects do. How can you conclude orientation is wrong but behavior is right, did the non sheep/humans tell you that? How did you get a ‘straight’ answer from the sheep?

  4. Always wonder how many animals are just confused.

    Your dog might love you, but he will also eat your face if he gets hungry enough.

  5. Probably not the same biological mechanism, considering how distant we are from sheep. Goats and sheep are also the first animals to be domesticated, which strongly alters evolutionary pressure to reproduce. Human behavior (sexual and otherwise) is also strongly influenced by culture, which is not known to be an influence on sheep behavior.

    My guess is that strict homosexuality in humans is a reflection of the far more common bisexuality in animals (including many apes closely related to humans) that is polarized by cultural influences including stigma.

  6. What about the penguins? There were some observational studies 5-10 years ago that caught same sex penguin action. Aaawww yeah!

  7. So only “Gold Star” gayness counts? That’s a bit gatekeepy if you ask me. Not to mention another tiresome example of bisexual erasure.

  8. I think today you learned how language can be used to stilt facts into different meanings through opinion based perspective.

    Your sauce’s definitions changed the facts it laid out. I would be careful in the future looking at articles that present data then describe it through an opinion perspective. Not that you can learn from it, just have to pick through it and compare it to other sources.