TIL In the 1990s Marvel released their financial reports in…

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TIL In the 1990s Marvel released their financial reports in comic book form. The comics featured characters like Spider-Man and The Incredible Hulk discussing revenue sources and future business plans.

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  1. I used to handle financial reports for the University library in the 90s. These were a lot of fun. My favorite though was McCormicks because it was always scented and came with free spices and recipes.

  2. Wizard magazine was my all time favorite thing to read when I was little. My older brother collected cards and comics and was dedicated and so we had stacks of wizard magazines that would explain upcoming releases, interview artists and writers, how to drawing tutorials it was really insightful for a kid who had aspirations.

  3. I invested in Marvel stock long before the Disney buyout. I have several hard copy annual reports in comic book format.

    Then the company went into financial distress, my stocks went to zero value, and I just watched as I ended up with nothing and the new owners made a killing off Disney.

  4. I mean should you be taking financial advice from spider-man and I’d love to iron man in this but most importantly she-hulk as the guide for the entire thing

  5. I have that “MARVEL: Five Fabulous Decades…” book that Stan Lee is holding, original pressing w/Stan Lee’s signature. He signed it to a very young Me, something like “Keep drawing, but not during math class. Excelsior!” Pretty sweet.

  6. Yep, my dad was a stock broker and I got a little marvel stock every year for my birthday as a kid. I loved the financial reports. Then they went bankrupt and it all disappeared.

  7. My aunt bought me a few shares as a kids and I got these for years before they filed for bankruptcy. I wish I kept them!

  8. Im just picturing the scene from first episode of The Boys, where in the show’s first meeting of the Seven, first order of business id Translucent saying how revenue is down and piracy is up