TIL. Flowers exposed to the playback sound of a flying bee…

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TIL. Flowers exposed to the playback sound of a flying bee produce sweeter nectar within 3 minutes, with sugar concentration averaging 20% higher.

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  1. This would make perfect Sense. Although using the word sound to explain the phenomen iS a bit misleading. I would say the vibration of bees flying would be more accurate. Flowers (as in everything within life) must reproduce. The bees are neccessary for this to happen for plants. For us it is sexual attraction. For plants they require the bees and birds to do the job for them. Nature would naturally produce a stimulation that would produce the strongest desire within all life; the need to reproduce. Thus nature would also develope a process to help attract what each type of life requires.

    Dont you think life is marvelous?!

  2. Bees aren’t real.

    The Biden administration replaced all bees with government-operated miniature spy drones after bees were made redundant by the discovery of the ‘green note’.

    Wake up sheeple.

  3. What is the trade off? If they are producing more sugar, is there another process that suffers? Advanced aging? Weak roots?