Tiffany Haddish Says She ‘Lost Everything’ After Molestation…

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Tiffany Haddish Says She ‘Lost Everything’ After Molestation Lawsuit: ‘All My Gigs Are Gone’

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  1. …good… wtf did she think should happen? She actively brought children into a dangerous sexual situation to advance her career and cause significant and lasting damage to these kids. Fuck her

  2. “Tiffany Haddish been doing comedy 20 years, but you can’t tell me your favorite Tiffany Haddish joke.”

    – Katt Williams

  3. I just watched the Skit and wtf is wrong with her…absolutely nothing redeemable about her or Aries as human beings after that.

    Deservedly canceled.

  4. Well not to be an asshole but her entire career was built on goodwill for her projected personality, not necessarily her standup. Thats why she only really blew when films came out.

    The good will has dried up and left fans wondering “why do I like this lady again?

  5. To be fair, she’s been on this path for a little while. Her last movie was a bomb and didn’t really have a lot lined up.

    Also, if anything, this should have derailed her career before it began.

  6. Why the fuck I googled for the video… It’s even worse than I imagined. What the fuck were they thinking? I didn’t find a sliver of comedy in it. It’s a cringe, low-level dumb skit. Literally, it’s an uncle lusting for his nephew in underwear, and it goes on for 5 minutes. Even without the vile “theme” of the video, it has the most absurd basic dumb humor ever.

    I wasn’t aware of this lawsuit but this is just insane. I’m actually outraged. To anyone who laughed at this skit, call the nurse asap.

  7. Is it just me or did she land way too many gigs in a short span and play the same character in each. Like some actors can pull off the im acting the same way in everything I’m in and it just still works but I feel like I kinda got burnt out on her after awhile.

  8. I mean all molestation / abuse allegations aside, did anyone find her funny at all? I hated watching movies with her in it. I never understood how she was considered a comedian to begin with. Her jokes always felt forced and unfunny. I’d rather watch Madea goes to Applebee’s or whatever new Tyler Perry movie is currently playing than a movie with her in it.

  9. She probably has enough money to go disappear and retire, this story will haunt her the rest of her career if she tries to make a comeback.

  10. This is what happens when comedians think everything is a joke and as long as it is said/done in the name of comedy its just freedom of expression.

    Newsflash, there are in fact limits.