1. Sacrifices everdayyy yeeuh

  2. If WLR released on 2003

  3. [some of y’all just gotta realize not everyone has an iphone](https://tenor.com/view/skull-emoji-gif-23549565)

  4. i done met different type of gooooorrrrrrlllsls

  5. I think it’s top 24 in whole lotta red

  6. You can have your opinions but know that I have your address

  7. Yall ima be real I didn’t expect anyone to take this seriously I just thought the phone was funny

  8. Y’all tweakin a lil, this shit is beautiful as fuck😭 ever since I went to a carti concert and he was yelling how he loved his fans during this song it automatically made it top 5😭

  9. Bro how the fuck are all of these comments so serious 😭 look at that goofy fuxkin phone breh

  10. It’s definitely not a top song but it’s still beautiful as fuck.

  11. homie in the trenches 💀

  12. best song I saw the vision

  13. not taking any criticism mf you need to take yo ass to boost mobile and get your yearly upgrade with your Nokia phone having ass 🦍‼️

  14. This song was so fucking good on tour to close the show

  15. Beautiful sampled beat makes me cry every time

  16. i love your phone🖤.

  17. whole lotta blu

  18. you not lying

  19. Honestly if he chilled on the weird autotune vocals “woOoOoOoOrldddd” it could’ve been better. But e hen he was singing normally on the verse “rockstar shit like I’m Jimi hendrix” it sounded amazing

  20. i love it. it might not be the top song or even in the top 10 for that matter but it’s still fire as fuck. i personally never cared for over, but that doesn’t mean it still isn’t good. the albums a goated album altogether and i think it’s important to consider the good in the less notable songs as opposed to condemning certain songs just because you don’t personally like them

  21. f33l lik3 dyin

  22. Bro, props to you for even finding a charger for that thing

  23. Well it is the last song on the album…

  24. Bro on the Nokia m3000

  25. Carti on the trap phone

  26. “BLU” *is in red*

  27. aLL my lyf333333…… 😔😩💯

  28. This is cool af lowkey

  29. Mf listening to Carti in tha favelas

  30. THE PHONE???

  31. aint no way everyone is ignoring the phone 🗿

  32. Song is fuckin beautiful

  33. Nah u goofy af for this one

  34. It’s my fav😭

  35. One of the best

  36. The worst song, but still a masterpiece

  37. you right. Cool concept but the auto tune is so fucking ass

  38. Its bottom 1, least favorite song on the album

  39. You’re wrong

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