This toothpaste had to be rebranded twice, first for the…

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+9047 – This toothpaste had to be rebranded twice, first for the name, and then for the logo.

2022-08-06 05:31:42

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  1. they changed its Chinese brand name recently from “黑人(black man)” to “好来(their factory’s name)” due to some racial problem concern.

    by the way Darlie is a China/HK/Taiwan tooth paste brand now co-owned by Colgate. Found in 1931, it is a very old brand in China. and the Chinese brand name 黑人(black man) had been used from the very beginning.

    in the period of time when they used those creepy packing designs , they advertised their tooth paste as it can make your teeth as white as a black man, and claimed they add some essence of some African tree which make black people’s tooth extra white.

  2. Not gonna lie: the name Darlie still sucks, and the logo is still creepy. That guy looks like he’s ready to devour my soul. Jezus Christ.

  3. By changing in two steps, their customers could follow them.

    It was done this way, most likely, to preserve brand equity.

  4. Hawley and Hazel Chemical Company created Darkie Toothpaste in Shanghai in 1933 and based their marketing on the minstrel performer Al Jolson. Minstrel performances featured White actors wearing blackface and relied on racial stereotypes of African Americans to entertain White audiences.

  5. I am old enough to remember it as Darkie. We live in SE Asia so it never occured to us that it was a racial slur

  6. My grandparents had one of these on their shelves full of old knick knacks. I was dusting one day and saw it and went “oh…”

  7. I get that in this age “black man looking wierd” could be seen as racist. But why dont we think the same about the new logo?… I mean, a person is a person. Black, white of whatever color or country you’re from.

    I get why they chose a darker colored person. The contrast of sparkling white teeth against a dark skin is perfect advertisement, so for that purpose i think they did a job well done. I’m probably going to get downvoted into oblivion for this.

  8. The were selling “golly bars” in Ireland until the early 00’s,that ice cream was some racist shit.

  9. I get that times were different and the folks who made this mascot were a product of their time or whatever. But why did they give the original mascot crazy eyes? Was it good for sales? Were folks like, “I want the one with the unhinged serial killer on the box”

  10. This was meant to be marketed to racist people, right? Why would a racist person want their teeth to be like that of the people they’re racist against?

    Edit: Serious question. Why the downvotes? All I’m doing is questioning how nonsensical the racist “marketing” behind these kinds of products is.

  11. Wow, i guess some SNOWFLAKES must have been TRIGGERED by the first, then the second, generation packaging.

    F’kin’ liberals, i swear.

  12. I genuinely don’t get what’s so racist about the logo. I mean, the name Darkie with the logo – sure, but since the name changed, the logo becomes simply a picture of black guy in cillinder, or I’ missing something? I’m from Europe, btw, so I might not understand some context relevant for US.

  13. Whew! Thanks woke culture, another African American branding is gone and replaced by white branding. That was close!