This spinning bike trick

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+4741 – This spinning bike trick

2022-08-06 11:57:38

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This spinning bike trick from BetterEveryLoop

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342 shares, 816 points


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  1. All I could think about is damn, that tire can take some abuse. But really, incredible display of skill.

  2. I used to bmx back in the day and tried some flatland. Gave up quick it was so difficult, I do not have one clue how they do it. A footjam whip was as advanced as I got.

  3. This impressive indeed. What’s more impressive is doing it on this type of flooring. I remember trying to “drift” on my bike in a parking lot like this. Long story short, I had to walk 10 seconds to get my bike back. 25 years later and I can still feel my body slamming on the floor.