This menacing motley crew welcomed me at the doctor’s office

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  1. So cute! Parrot fish love giving and getting attention from humans. I’m sure they love to interact with all sorts of folk in that doctor’s office.

  2. They’re Blood-Red Parrot fish, they are a hybrid between the redhead cichlid and midas cichlid, the fish is unpopular with some aquarists due to its intermediate care level and its hybrid breeding, which causes genetic deformities, thats why they look so stupid.

  3. These guys, Blood Red Parrot Cichlid, is a hybrid between the Red Devil Cichlid and the Green Severum Cichlid. Red Devils are notorious for being tank assholes, where green severums are much more docile unless mating or establishing mating territory.. The Parrot Cichlid has all the attitude of the Red Devil but has zero ability to really back it up, except for being a constant pest. Lots of personality, long life, and can get the size of a softball.

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  4. Aww! I had a fish like this. Her name was “Derpy”. She was hilarious. She’d let us play with her all the time.

  5. I had parrot cichlids in high school, they were so funny. They liked having hiding spots and would get so mad whenever I would do a deep clean and would throw water on me. They would spend the next few hours moving rocks and piling them up to make their hiding spot again.

  6. “Do you think I’m cute, Private Pyle? Do you think I’m funny?”

    “Sir, no sir”

    “Then wipe that disgusting grin off your face.”

    “Sir, yes, sir.”:

  7. i have 2 of these in my own tank. theyre so smart. they are definately aware of my presence, trying to get me to feed them following me around to whichever side of their tank im on.