This kid with maxed out gun stats

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This kid with maxed out gun stats from interestingasfuck

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  1. This little dude is impressive. Understandable some of the negative backlash from people here, given current events. But he looks like any other small-town kid in my state and is doing this in a controlled environment. I say I’d like to see him in some Olympics down the road repping the USA with his cowboy hat and all lol.

  2. Every time I see something like this I hear Jack Sparrow, fighting William Turner, “You really need to find yourself a girl, mate”

  3. Saw a quick draw cowboy guy show off how fast he can draw his gun an pop some balloons. Basically you could have a gun in the cowboy’s face, and he’d draw fast enough, and shoot you in the head and heart before you could react. Best part was that the guy looked like a generic dad

  4. The main character in game who has had none to minimal previous gun training picking up a gun during a firefight

  5. The modified trigger guard on the rifle (a Winchester, I think?) and elongated (“fanning”) hammers on the revolvers certainly help, but damn is he fast on the side-by-side reloads…

  6. These matches are fun to watch, and compete in. Some of the junior competitors can be really weird, and see their dad pushing guns on them. But then there are kids like this that are genuinely interested and having a great time.