This is why speed limits are placed before sharp turns.

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+13375 – This is why speed limits are placed before sharp turns.

2022-08-06 08:49:40

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This is why speed limits are placed before sharp turns. from IdiotsInCars

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  1. Aside from the fact that he’s going fast, he seems to have a flat right tire. This skidding is not normal.

  2. Translation for anyone interested
    Lady: it was here
    Guy: further up ahead
    Lady: look look look Carlo- look look Aaah Aaah Did you see that Gordi?
    Guy: yes-yes-yes-yes
    Lady: this is what happened to my son-this is what happened to my son. Oh my god see? Please please please son of a bitch.

  3. Driver of the jaguar showing his passanger how he crashed ” Look i was coming down here at this speed how could i of possibly lost controooolllllll oh shit not again”…

  4. Her son was the person that had previously flipped their car at this exact location, which is why they where filming. I caught one of them saying. “It was around here” and the male responds “It’s further up ahead” then another car proceeds to speed and flip over the damaged rail as well.

    The mom says “look, look Carlos are you seeing this, that’s exactly what happened to my son, oh dear God,” by her swearing and reaction at the end “Please, please please, Son’s of a bitch” it implies that she somehow blames those who designed this turn instead of her son.

    Edit *I just read the Spanish article someone posted and indeed the mom in this video lost her 22 year old son on this curve. She is upset at the city and designers of this curve. She may have a point, the 80 Kilometer speed sign didn’t exist until her son’s death and the fact that another crash occurred here shows that this road needs better warning signs to slow down as the curve is sharper than at first glance. Especially when the road is wet.

  5. Some of the most dangerous driving conditions are when it just starts to rain and when the clouds have cleared, but the road is still wet.

    In both cases, the driver is paying little attention to the surface because visibility and everything else appears fine.

  6. Going from the Belt Pkwy to The Southern State, there’s crazy turns that people frequently lose it on. A lot of people get killed just on a few turns they can’t be fucked to slow down for. It’s Long Island, so it’s typically younger, rich kids who were given BMWs and shit at 17. And, of course, usually their passengers die.

  7. What the woman says:

    Look look, Gordi, thats what happened to my son, motherfuckers.

    And yes It is Spain

  8. Is that what the video driver said when they got to the vehicles? Um, just so you know, that’s why they post the speed limit before sharp curves. Ya’ll have a nice day now.

  9. Anyone notice that the guard rail was already damaged in the exact spot the car went over it?

  10. En España no hay ni un solo conductor que use los intermitentes para cambiar de carril o incorporarse a uno.