This is what an AI had created for me as it’s vision of…

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+847 – This is what an AI had created for me as it’s vision of “hell let loose a world War two video game”

2022-08-05 21:47:14

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682 shares, 850 points


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  1. Is there a word for the type of shock that a person would go through by experiencing to big of a leap into future technologies too quickly?

    outside of space travel, i feel like the things Ill see in my maybe ….40 more years?.. (wow..) could make present me sick

  2. If you guys would like to see more AI drawings of HLL put your ideas below and I’ll post another after it renders!

  3. It’s truly amazing hoe well the Ai did. The logic exespecially the grammar. It feels good ro have the affirmation that our grammar makes sense.

  4. I could see this as being the official title screen of Hell Let Loose if they added the Warsaw Uprising.

  5. This has some pretty serious composition / color palette chops going for it! I punched the same phrase into []( and the results don’t hold a candle to this. Which one was this output from if you don’t mind my asking?