This is Pancake, Pancake for short. She is not missing and…

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  1. i enjoy the cat posts. i love the shed posts. i didn’t mind the license plate posts as i like to collect pics of them myself. while i do not enjoy breezeline posts or any posts about utility bills, i enjoy meta posts judging others even less and feel they are negative, condescending, and ineffective anyway so basically pointless. we all enjoy different content and that’s just fine.

    as a non pet owner i am way more likely to notice a missing pet here and possibly spot them then i would on pet fbi, so if someone would like to post their adorable creature here i’m all for it even if they aren’t found or missing.

    oh and say hi to pancake!

  2. If you lose your pet, you should absolutely use PetFBI to help you find them. But… it’s not all that great. It’s based off of people reporting sightings of animals, and even the best-intending people are still just… people.

    When I lost a cat a few years back, I signed up for PetFBI. People would message me for animal sightings that looked nothing like the pictures I included, or that were all the way across Columbus from me, or in one case, a sighting that happened a week before my cat went missing.

    It’s a situation where people would rather *feel* helpful than *be* helpful.