This dad daughter duo conversation is amazing.

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+9779 – This dad daughter duo conversation is amazing.

2022-08-06 16:02:21

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This dad daughter duo conversation is amazing. from MadeMeSmile

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  1. The encouragement in this video! I love how he was telling her that is was also okay to try again later!

  2. I also loved the “did it hurt you or scare you” with both presented as absolutely valid answers to be crying about

  3. I kind of cried seeing this video… I was never given loving and empathetic support from my parents, and I’m a very damaged and hateful person as a result. I’m just happy that there are good people out there doing the right things with their children, nobody needs to end up like me.

  4. That’s great. It’s hysterical with kids. My 10 yr old twins zoom around on their penny boards like they were born on them. It’s an amazing thing to watch them do their thing.

  5. How you “push” your kids without actually forcing them.

    Dad Lessons from this dude.

    Keep it up, she’s already a rockstar!

  6. Dads are allowed to show their love for their children, no matter what the asshole, macho losers say.

  7. They have such a good relationship! He really helps her understand her emotions and builds her confidence! A+ parenting.

  8. Chasingsage on Instagram- highly reccomend! He mics her when they’re on bike rides through the woods and it’s amazing

  9. **He is a Father who is protecting his daughter and that is what parents do they protect their children.**

  10. Made me smile and also as a grown ass man, gave me watery eyes – as someone that never had this kind of treatment growing up and kind of needed it – this is the kind of dad I will be if I ever meet someone and have kids.