This agreement for employment.

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  1. Well that’s super illegal. Since they were nice enough to put it in writing for you, you can report them to the department of labor if you’re in the US.

  2. Free money hack: work for 14 days and steal all the money out of the drawer each time, the punishment for taking the money is that it will be taken out of your paycheck, which you won’t get because you quit after 14 days

  3. Here’s what’s going to happen if you sign it, you will work every shift for 14 days and then the manager will say your drawer is short on the last shift of day 14 and they’ll replace you with the next idiot and tell you that you owe them to cover your short drawer.

  4. Hello! I didn’t expect this post to get a lot of traction. But for some background, the business is a hotel in eastern Kentucky (USA). Theres not a lot of choices when it comes to finding a job. A lot of people will work just about anywhere, I will let my friend know your feedback. I thought this was illegal as well.

  5. Likely illegal in all 50 states in the USA. OP should forward the document to labor standards board / state attorney general.

  6. I once trained to be a school bus driver, the training was 3 weeks totally unpaid, and they made us all sign something agreeing that if we quit within the first year, we would owe them $2,000 for the training. I did one bus run and quit. They didn’t even bother trying to collect on that agreement.

  7. Wtf, in my country, all of that is illegal. Please, don’t sign it. Send it to the media for them to call out that shit company. 24 hour shifts? No pay if you quit for any reason? Taking money out of your salary of the drawer comes up short? I mean… Wtf?!

  8. Wow it’s hard to pack that much illegality into just a paragraph kudos to your asshole of a manager and I’m glad he signed it for the court case

  9. Don’t sign. They seem to have a problem with new employees not even lasting two weeks. There’s a reason for that.

  10. “If you quit before 15 days of employment you won’t be paid” yeah that’s not legal lol

    “If your drawer comes up short you are responsible for the missing amount”. Not sure if this is illegal. Ridiculous for sure. Every job I’ve ever had where I worked a cash register it wasn’t taken out of our paycheck if it was short lmao

  11. That’s illegal in the USA, and probably most other western countries as well. They HAVE to pay you for hours worked, by law. They also cannot legally dock pay in most cases unless you voluntarily consent in writing (coercion is not consent) in some cases. This is either fake, or the person who wrote it is completely clueless.

  12. Yeah that’s gotta be state specific for that to be legal. I would strike it out, ask them review your negotiated response and sign it

  13. Nope. I would look the clown straight in the eyes and say “there’s no way I’m signing this and I’m pretty sure this is illegal. If this isn’t a joke, then you’re the joke.”