There’s New Proof Crispr Can Edit Genes Inside Human Bodies

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There’s New Proof Crispr Can Edit Genes Inside Human Bodies

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712 shares, 853 points


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  1. My limited understanding of science is showing up here.

    Does this mean you could go in and change pretty much anything genetically encoded? I get the application of editing for disease and illness but it seems like this, again assuming I’m not just stupid, could also be applied to everything from physical traits to whatever.

    EDIT: Wow, lot of really cool information in the replies. Thanks for sharing and educating me. I truly do not know much about it but certainly hope this science carries forward to treating diseases and impairments

  2. You know how you create an even bigger gap between normal people and ultra wealthy people? Let them design their spawn. Holy shit.

  3. My niece and nephew have an extremely rare disease and my sister is trying to get them in a study where this could change their broken gene, I’m praying for this

  4. The up side of this technology, the good things it can do, is huge.

    The chance that eventually some idiot will do something unethical is small.

  5. Imagine if one day we’ll be able to cure cancer with crisor

    Would’ve loved to have it back when my dad caught cancer

  6. What happened to those two girls that jad the aids gene or whatever taken out when they were emryos? Are they being followed?

  7. It’s more like…proof-of-concept than proof?

    We always knew this was possible, they’re just ironing out the kinks.

  8. My genetics and embryology professor once told us we can now create human clones with whatever genetic modification we want. The technology is just not for the public because there is no use for it. CRISPR editing has been improving for a decade now, it’s not surprising.

  9. We can’t keep vain goofs from radically transforming themselves into walking freakshows. Wait until the doctors are allowed to tinker with genes.

  10. Does anyone recommend a good home Crispr kit? Been looking for one but can only find the one where you make beer glow