Theory about possible Plusle & Minun evolution

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+1272 – Theory about possible Plusle & Minun evolution

2022-08-05 13:53:34

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  1. A gentle reminder that Klara doesn’t have a dustox in spite of the obvious reference in her clothing.

  2. I definitely think she’ll have Plusle and Minun, but I don’t think they’ll get anything new. The examples you brought up were both from Champions. However, Penny’s just a rival, and unless she’s also secretly the champion, it doesn’t mean much as previous rivals have had older Pokémon as their ace before. Trevor had Pikachu, Tierno had Corphish and Lillie had Clefairy.

  3. Similarly, Klara had a Dustox headband, signifying the upcoming dustox regional variant! So excited for June 2020.

  4. Makes sense but the last art makes me feel a little uncomfortable, almost like you forced Minun and Plusle together into a demonic twin

  5. I really want a baby that is Neutral and evolves into either Plusle or Minun. I then think Plusle should evolve into one based on multiplication and Minun should evolve into one based on division.

  6. Eh, Mimikyu is more of a parody of the concept. If it was meant to be the Pika-clone of gen 7, we wouldn’t have Togedemaru.

  7. You had me convinced, especially when I looked at the leggings. Then I saw the comments about Dustox and Klara and that’s a pretty convincing counter argument…. 🤷 Would be cool to see my +- bois get some love

  8. A couple points. First, the flying Pikachu is said to be not attainable through regular gameplay, which makes me think there absolutely could be signature forms, but I do think it’ll mostly be generic in the way Z-moves and Dynamax were (everyone can use it, only a handful get truly special forms).

    Second, those look like multiplication symbols to me.

    Multiplun and Dividun confirmed! /s

  9. It could also be a reference to the Nintendo Switch itself.

    The colors match the Neon Blue/Red joycons, as well as matching the – and + with their respective controller color on her leggings.

  10. I hate this chick, I can’t wait to murder her pokemon. She looks like she’s going to ask me to speak to my manager. If she has a Plusle/Minun, I’ll get my own and wipe the floor with hers to assert myself as the ultimate minun/plusle trainer.

  11. An idea I think would be fun is if there were regional variants of Plusle and Minun where something in the Paldea region changed them from being friends and partners to being rivals. Their idea of plus and minus could be amplified in these forms, with Plusle being an Electric/Fairy type and Minun being an Electric/Dark type. Maybe if you raised both of their friendship stats, they would put their differences aside and, if you leveled them up while they were both in the party, they would fuse and evolve into our first Electric/Fighting type. Sounds like hell to evolve, but I think it would be pretty cool.

  12. Sorry to say that, but Mimikyu is not a pika Clone.
    A pika Clone has to fulfill some criteria to count as such.

    1. it needs to have the Electric Type, just like Pikachu.
    2. It has to be based on a rodent like mice, hamster or Rabbit

  13. She does have a lot of Plusle and Minun design elements but I don’t know about them being her Ace Pokémon. She is also described as being shy and having a double battle pairing doesn’t really fit that part of her personality.

  14. That is possible, however, i do have to point out that Klara also has a design pointing on a Pokemon that she doesn’t have, her Hair Bow is shaped like a Dustox but not only she doesn’t have Dustox but also it isn’t even in the Game… it was a really weird design choice for her, i always thought she would have a Dustox cuz of it since she is a Poison type trainer and Dustox is Poison type and she has no other Pokemon referenced on her Desing.

  15. I would think if we got a regional variant if Plusle and Minun, they would look more distinct and clothing based on them would be focused on what makes them distinct rather than more ambiguous between both forms like this.

  16. I really like the idea of a shared evolution for Plusle and Minun. I don’t think we’ve had two Pokémon able to evolve into the same form before, but it sounds great for them.