Theists really need to get over this delusion that morality…

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+3434 – Theists really need to get over this delusion that morality comes from religion

2022-08-06 11:14:49

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  1. You want me to stab you? No? Alright cool, how about you don’t stab me either?
    I never understand the idea that we need a god to tell us that murder or rape is immoral.

  2. Counterpoint, are christians only moral because they’re scared of hell? Cuz that makes them seem pretty shitty. You needed a god to tell you not to murder people? Sad.

  3. Are these theists saying the only reason they obey the law is fear of their god? Wow that’s some seriously shitty leadership they have.

  4. My darkest desires are just finding good porn to jack off to, what in the fuck are their darkest desires?

  5. It makes me wonder if this person _wants_ to rape children or kill people, and the only reason he doesn’t is because of a sky daddy story he decided to believe is real

  6. The best part of this post is the logically jump of where morality comes from. “Many theists” is exactly the issue here. Morality is a social construct that is passed on thru values, ideals, and ethics. Morals are learned. Yes, some are taught from religious books, but that’s no different than the morals taught in childrens books or even a Book of Virtues. And that’s where I go crazy, these arguments are framed in a way that are meant to be so logically sound where in fact there is a glaring leap in a premise that jumps from fact to opinion that the whole argument is built on.

  7. Ah the good old “objective morality only comes from my subjective world view which is based on the subjective existence of another being and his subjective ideologies on morality.” argument

  8. Here’s a better question, why don’t you ask preachers and priests why, while under the morality of theism, they DO fuck kids?

  9. > The government can’t be the moral lawgiver because governments have different laws

    As opposed to religions which all have the exact same laws?

  10. These people are so weird. I’d I indulge in degenercy they say “you see he left religion to be a degenerate!” But if you don’t they say “he secretly still believes in God that’s why he’s not doing it!”. It’s damn if you do and damned if you don’t.

  11. Problem #1: He is basing his argument that morality comes from his particular god. Obviously this isn’t exactly the case as morality and beliefs differ from person to person. What one person thinks is okay, someone else will think is bad. Such as things like abortion, contraception, or even lgbt+ rights. And these issues have been like that in Christianity for quite a while. If God was the source of morality, then I would sooner think that these particular examples and more would be history as God knows what is right and wrong.

    Problem #2: I’m assuming we are going off of the god of the Bible, right? If so, there was a part where Adam and Eve were told to not eat the fruit of knowledge of good and evil unless they want to die that day. But then a talking serpent, who may or may not be Satan, told Eve that she wouldn’t die if she ate the fruit. But instead, she would become like God, knowing both good and evil. She and Adam eat it and they know good and evil. (And that they were naked.) And God acknowledges that, too. (And don’t forget that he has to explicitly curse the man to an eventual death.)

  12. Makes me wonder if religion then saves the rest of us from unhinged idiots with no innate sense of empathy and morals

  13. The fucking kids bit is a major hole in the “you need god to have morality” argument when priests and vicars are noncing kiddies left right and centre

  14. If the only thing preventing you from raping children is the threat of eternal damnation, it might just be you that’s the problem, not the rest of society.

  15. A religion that aporoves of incest, rape, murder, and child abuse isn’t the best thing to align one’s moral compass to.

  16. Because we have no desire to do such a thing. The fact that you do, or at least suspect that others would, tells us that your morality is anything but objective. And that it’s merely the threats of your fictional genocidal monster that keep you in check. God’s opinion on morality wouldn’t be objective anyway, that’s just subjective. And objectively the moral standards of your imaginary friend suck…

  17. This is such a self report from theists.

    “If there’s no god, why don’t you indulge in your desire to fuck children or praise hitler?”

    Even putting aside all the moral philosophies beyond theism, somebody should really tell them that normal people don’t have the desire to fuck children or praise hitler. Their arguments reveal far more about their abhorrent desires than they do about their perception of atheism. Absolutely sickening shit

  18. I’m the source of my morality… Not that hard to understand… atheist peiple do good things not because they fear hell, but because they can say what is good from what is wrong without a god

    And most prople have a minimum of similar moral, so there’s no problem at all. Everyone condemns murder, so murder we won’t do

  19. Believers like this scare me. They’re clearly psychopaths held in check only by a fear of hell. They’re utterly unable to imagine that there might be people on earth who don’t want to rape kids or kill anyone who pisses them off. As far as they’re concerned, everyone is as evil and psychopathic as they are.

  20. Atheists have desires. Religionists place light and dark on those desires. Religionists have desires too. Religionists judge desires. Atheists do not. Who’s to say atheists don’t achieve their deepest desires? And who’s to say that bad boy religionist didn’t reach his deepest desire?

    It’s not about atheists not achieving it’s about religionist assholes not achieving.

  21. You don’t need religion/God to have morals.
    If you can’t determine right from wrong, then you lack empathy not teligion/God.

  22. Penn Jillette has a great answer to this question:

    “I do rape all I want. And the amount I want is zero. And I do murder all I want, and the amount I want is zero.”

  23. Oh fucking kids is objectively morally wrong, is it?

    Can someone please introduce him to the Biiblé?

  24. If anyone asked me this question I’d just ask them why they desire to murder people and fuck kids?

    I don’t desire that at all. I don’t want to hurt anyone.

  25. If any religious fruitcakes are reading this and want a sincere answer:

    I am myself. My moral compass comes from within. I don’t need a lawgiver to threaten me to behave.

  26. If Christians believe God is the source of morality and I’m atheist then it means I don’t believe God is the source of morality. Fucking hell it’s not complicated

  27. Every time in a debate it’s explained to a theist how morality can develop with out a God they repeat their same talking points without acknowledging what the non theist has said.
    It’s like they hit a mental road block and intellectually shut down.

    Further more they never address the blatant immorality of the Bible that even contradicts their own description of what is “good”

  28. Religious people have a long track record of being ***less*** moral. They use their religions to justify or cover up horrible things. Crusades. Inquisitions. Pedophilia. Cultural genocide. Racism. Slavery. Terrorism.