​The U.S. Plans Double or Triple HIMARS, GMLRS, ATGM and…

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​The U.S. Plans Double or Triple HIMARS, GMLRS, ATGM and MPADS Production in a Year | Defense Express

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  1. That’s a start. 155mm artillery production might need to 10x as Ukraine receives more accurate and high rate of fire SPGs and devours NATO warstocks.

  2. “Our acronym plants are being rapidly modernized to as much as double production. Not only can we produce HIMARS, GMLRS, ATGM and MPADS, but we’re also producing MRAP, ATACMS, and HARM. DARPA is even developing completely new experimental acronyms like DSTRY, XPLD, DTHSTR, and FCKRSA.”

    – DOD, probably

  3. While I feel good that Ukraine is developing more arms now I do feel uneasy because Russia could strike those facilities. It would make more sense for other countries such as US and Poland to be manufacturing Ukraine’s weapons because Russia can’t strike manufacturing facilities in those areas. The only alternative for Ukraine is if they build those factories deep inside their mountains
    Like within the Carpathian mountains

  4. I hope they’re hiring a bunch of people in here areas and paying well. War can be good for a local economy as ww2 shows. Helps end it sooner by producing more weapons too. Slava!

  5. Anyone remember the old TV commercial from the 1980’s in the States about the Stock broker E.F. Hutton? I think someone should do a parody of it….

    Something like…. I use H.I. MARS and when H.I. MARS shoots, everyone runs.

  6. The show is just getting started guys.We will watch russia die by hemorrhage through hemorrhoidal bleeding. Ready your asses ivans and igors, himars going through !

  7. … whoopsie daises, husker doos, husker don’ts, whipsy daizers (with or without the scooter stick)… 😂😝

  8. How to use Russias Putin propaganda against him he says the west isn’t then it on its head say they are and make action through positive propaganda