The U.S. and its allies are joining forces on chips. That…

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The U.S. and its allies are joining forces on chips. That could stop China reaching the next level

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  1. I hope they come together and make a super salt and vinegar chip. Old Dutch used to have a brand called Rave salt and vinegar. Used to hurt so damn good. Bring them back!

  2. Stop China reaching next level ,

    would help US reaching next level?

    Why dont’ you just forcus on developing your own?

  3. China’s already beginning to collapse. Between corruption, birth rate, “let it rot”, shitty seniors, corruption, high age rates, “no covid” policy, tofu-dreg, ponzi mortages and corruption the modern China is not long for this world. It probably won’t keel over until it fails to retake Taiwan, but necrosis is already setting in.

  4. Ok, can the government at least be TRANSPARENT and tell us why they have to do this?

    Simply saying “China bad” is not good enough for most people and way too vague.

    If the CIA KNOWS something, SAY something, dont need the details, just tell us what serious evidence do you have that compelled you to do this against China?

    I believe they have the proof, they just dont want wanna be clear about it, so this is why many people still dont know if this chip ban is justified or not.

    Is it because it could reveal your spies or top secret tech that discovered the proof? Is this to protect your inside source within the CCP? Someone that could replace Xi and Pro west? You guys setting it up for him to takeover? Is he the one feeding the west the proof of China Chip abuse?

    Just LET US KNOW, Mr CIA. lol

  5. I think America should protect its own interests, but at what cost? There are a billion people looking for a better quality of life that tech can provide. But we need to keep em’ down so our SUVs have all the chips we need to run Madissyn to soccer practice?