The SEC Reportedly Paid Nearly $100,000 To Produce a…

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The SEC Reportedly Paid Nearly $100,000 To Produce a 30-Second Video That Warned Investors Against Betting on Meme Stocks Such as GameStop and AMC

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  1. The SEC works for those at the wealthy at the top. Technically Tesla is a meme stock too. Should we all stop investing in Tesla too?

  2. It needs a slow scroll through WSB loss porn w/ sad bg music and a giant overlay of a 60% transparent wagging finger

  3. SEC manipulating free and fair markets with taxpayer money. Exactly the thing they are supposed to protect against!

  4. All in on gme and bbby.

    Didn’t know SEC “cared” that much about my investments to make a shitty commercial to warn me about “meme” stocks.

  5. What a waste of retail investors tax money they stealing our financial freedom and democracy they are on som sick mission with these elites

  6. They don’t have anybody but themselves and their mates interests at heart. I’m sure not many will be fooled by this weak attempt.

    Do your own DD and invest, don’t listen to what anybody else tells you, only you have your best interests at heart

  7. I’m sure they have a good reason for doing this. They can’t possibly be in hot water with their hedge fund overlords

  8. This is just fucked up and not right. SEC shouldn’t act like this… While on other ore important matters they don’t act. And this with our money. Very nice. Not.

  9. What they should have done is rescind the asinine PDT rule that penalizes small accounts. Limiting same day trades to 3 in a five day period for margin accounts supposedly to protect the investor, does little more than force people to suffer a loss when a stock dives and they have no day trades left.

  10. Did any change the way they invest after watching that goofy ad?

    “And they did not change the way they invested” -Morgan Freeman probably

  11. What’s with the backlash? The SEC put this out to protect investors. Surely we aren’t saying that investing in meme stocks is a safe investment?

  12. That’s the same agency that just raised the cap of pension funds that the OCC can use to manipulate the same stocks, right? From 1 Billion to 23 Trillion I believe. Can’t wait for them to get sued out their ass, but unfortunately it’ll likely be after they’ve decimated the retirement funds of millions of Americans

  13. For 100k I can buy about 20 tons of coffee at Costco. For a golden boy, Garry looks like he doesn’t know how to make good use of his money.