The OG, directly addressing the divvysplivvy. My tatas are…

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+1465 – The OG, directly addressing the divvysplivvy. My tatas are ready to go to Uranus!

2022-08-06 16:15:08

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712 shares, 853 points


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  1. Think of APE as an IPO, that will reach astronomical #s, sure it may start at whatever the AMC price/2 is but this thing is going to blow up, it’s literally called APE, it has fomo written all over it. The best part, AMC HOLDERS are already in this, no need to buy it, our CEO has gifted this to us. Yes, it will reveal the true float, yes, it will be used in the future to generate capital for our company, and yes, it will make us apes money 💰. This is a win win win, don’t let the fud get to you.

  2. Example:
    * Before APE: 1000 shares of AMC are currently worth $22.20 each.
    * After APE: 1000 shares of AMC will be worth $11.10 each + 1000 shares of APE will be worth $11.10 each.

    If this is correct, how will it affect all the short positions, options trades, and so on that are on AMC?

    Edit for those calling me all kinds of nasty words: This example is based on AA’s second tweet in the OP.

  3. Goodbye to all of my karma (I guess) but I have a genuine concern regarding how this not dilution? Double the number of shares (albeit in a different name) and cut the value in half sounds like dilution to me.

    I understand the # of APE shares will be limited to actual # of real AMC shares in the float… but what prevents the creation of synthetic APE shares? Seems like they’ll have more ammunition and another front to attack the share price. In other words, we’ll not only have to fight naked shorting of AMC but APE as well.

    How does a special dividend of APE reduce AMC value if they are 2 different tickers? Why wouldn’t AMC still be valued at XX.XX and APE be valued based on what someone is willing to pay whether it be $.01 or $1,000,000,000?

    PLEASE! Would someone with actual wrinkles help me understand why this is not dilution? I’m still holding because F*CK Wall Street… pay me!

  4. Get ready for MLM going nuts saying “AMC down 50% in one day! Everyone is selling”!

    Believe me, they will. They’ll take anything out of context to spin a FUD narrative.

  5. The only reason AMC will go down in price is due to buying pressure easing once APE is issued. It is essentially an IPO and can open at any vale and climb to any value. We could actually MOASS with it and not effect AMC stock negatively. If I remember right preferred shares can’t be shorted either but it’s been awhile since I had to think about preferred shares.

    Edified since apparently The person that initially said TD was giving the .01 misunderstood and has said he was wrong.

  6. OMG! I don’t even know what 50% means. But I do plan on going from 2 shares a day to as many as possible until APE day.

  7. Let me ask this. When we get our APE shares, will they be considered ST or LT holds in accordance with our AMC shares or are they all considered ST from the issue date?

  8. Honest question… Would that just give them another ticker to short from scratch or a short for ape is a short for AMC?

    I’m just thinking ahead cause obviously they will have to find the ape shares first to short but since most people holding amc are not DRS’d, wouldn’t that allow them to just short it like they do already on a blank slate?

  9. I’m dumb. Will Fidelity and Computer share contact me about the Ape shares? What do I need to do?

  10. Don’t really see how this clears anything up. If this isn’t a share delution shouldn’t amc continue with its current value and ape start at .01 and trade entirely separate from amc. I’m not really comfortable with my shares loosing half their value just so I can dilute the float more. If someone can clear that up for me it would be great. I get how this is the equivalent of a share count but it’s also got a bit of “shareholders wouldn’t let us issue more shares so we did it anyway, just using a different vehicle.”

    Edit: genuinely curious not trying to spread fud.

  11. Wait, what’s he saying, that AMC’s share price will be half of what it is now once the dividend is executed or?

    I’m asking because I want to be sure I understood that correct so I can get more money ready to buy if that’s the case!

  12. I literally got downvoted previously for stating exactly this regarding the par value 😂😂😂 love the spazziness of this sub sometimes.

  13. Wait this thing will trade too??? I have 3k shares, and if trading on it hits 20, then I make 60k?

  14. If they are stupid enough to dip this I am ignoring my wife and selling all my Amazon and tripling my xx,xxx holdings let’s fuckkng go boys and girls

  15. So basically with the idea that APE will increase in value, should buying pressure if common AMC stock explode knowing APE is coming?