The mysterious nine-second call from the White House to a…

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The mysterious nine-second call from the White House to a January 6 rioter: CNN reveals the rioter’s identity for the first time
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  1. *The cell phone belonged to a 26-year-old Trump supporter from Brooklyn, New York named Anton Lunyk, who traveled to Washington DC the night before January 6 with two friends, Francis Connor and Antonio Ferrigno, according to multiple sources familiar with the investigation, as well as a search of public records.*

  2. Just imagine for one second that this happened in Obama’s White House. Fox News would start three new streaming services devoted only to this.

  3. good, now go have a talk with mister “anton lunyk” and find out who in tf was on the *other* end of that call

    e: somehow i missed this line:

    >Lunyk says he doesn’t remember receiving the nine-second call and claims he doesn’t know anyone who worked in the Trump White House

    but, you know, my *ass* he doesn’t

  4. Bobwehadacoupitsago!

  5. So they don’t know who called *FROM* the WH?
    It went through the switchboard so they know which phone it was in which office.
    They know the exact time of the call.
    Are their no cameras to figure out who was in that specific office at the time of the call?

  6. It’s so easy to find out who he called, somebody knows.


  7. “Keep up the beautiful work, you are a beautiful patriot.”

    — someone at the White House

  8. >Like many businesses, outgoing calls from the White House do not show a specific extension.

    The best part of the article. Yeah…because the White House is like any other business.

    >The phone call was not mentioned in Lunyk’s sentencing or any court documents. A spokesman for the US Attorney’s Office in Washington DC declined to comment.

    We really do have terrible law enforcement in this country.

  9. Should not be too hard to find out who called him since Republicans are pro-torture.

  10. I wonder how difficult it would be for the White House to look up the cell number of someone.

  11. If the White House is calling her, she is not a fucking rioter. She is fighting on behalf of a losing presidential administration. Enough of this bullshit about rioters. This was a coordinated attack led by the administration. This was an act of fucking war, CNN.

  12. What I find interesting is that they didn’t dismiss the call. If it lead nowhere, I would’ve expected them to temper expectations by noting said insignificance. However, they only note that there is more work that was done in general, and new info that will be revealed soon. I want to assume that it means that call is part of the evidence yet to be revealed. They should be able to triangulate where that call came from in the WH, at that time. I can’t imagine anything goes in or out on landlines that isn’t tracked and monitored.

  13. Soooo.. an ethnic Russian?

  14. What could have been said in those 9 seconds?

  15. The compilation and analysis of these calls was the province of Denver Riggleman. He is, or was, a Republican Congressman who was hired as a staff investigator by the J6 committee.

    By Riggleman’s account, he was elected to Congress as one of those “gubmint is too big” type of conservatives, but was later primaried out of his seat for not being hard right enough.

    Liz Cheney knew Riggleman and recommended he be hired for the committee’s work.

    I can’t say whether his data science is best of breed or merely average, but he applied it to the communication vectors related to the January 6th situation.

    Long story short, the story here isn’t just that someone in the inner circle of the Trump crime family just happened to call one of the field terrorists during the coup, it’s sheer magnitude of intersection between certain groups related to the creation and dissemination of the big lie, and then the operation of the coup itself.

    When he was in congress, I would occasionally like his slightly sober (for a Republican) take on some of the Party’s insanity, but he would also still uphold conservative nonsense like it was normal. He apparently quit the J6 committee because they originally opted not to chase down and interview Ginni Thomas, one of those problematic communication nodes he identified. His profile on (Axios? The Circus? 60 Minutes? Can’t remember which) points out that the committee has since come to some kind of arrangement for her to speak with them.

  16. Is there any possibility that it was a missed dialed number?

    Or is this guy really deeply conducted and this call was quite intentional?

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