The last time the Leafs won the cup, there were no…

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+1287 – I recently saw a commercial that said the first McDonald’s open in Canada in 1967. I thought they would have been around longer than that but sure enough the first McDonald’s opened on June 1, 1967. The Leafs last won the cup on May 2, 1967.

How else has the world has changed since the Leafs were Stanley Cup champions.

2022-08-06 17:03:07

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  1. I actually find it more interesting to see how the world has changed since the Leafs last won a playoff series. This isn’t really a dump on the Leafs, but more so an observation as to how quickly the world changed between 2004-2022, especially with technology.

  2. NONE of the leafs’ players, nor their head coach (Keefe), assistant coaches (Carbery, Chynoeeth and Malhotra), GM (Dubas), or president (Shanahan) were alive the last time they won the Cup.

  3. Side note / trivia: I live near the first McDonald’s in Canada, which is in Richmond BC (just south of Vancouver). They have a plaque and recently made their big Golden Arches sign a historical landmark.

    Useless info unless you are a McDonald’s fan or Pokémon Go player. (The historical sign is a pokestop.)

    Kind of a weird coincidence that it’s located near Vancouver, another Canadian city with a long Cup drought.

  4. So what you’re telling me is that we have to get rid of McD’s and Canadian teams will win the cup again?

  5. It is fun to shit on the Leafs and all, but I do feel like this is just a random fun fact without laughing at the Leafs necessarily. I too would have thought they moved into Canada a bit earlier than that.

  6. I came here expecting hockey talk and Leaf blowback. Instead the whole thread is an argument about fast foods. We truly have become a nation of stoners! (thankfully)

  7. So what you’re telling me is as long as there’s a McDonald’s in Canada, the Leafs won’t win the cup?

  8. may 18th, 1968 mattel introduces the Hot Wheels

    july 18th, 1968 a semiconducter company named “Intel” was founded

    october 25th, 1968 led zeppelin makes their first live performance

    november 14th, 1968 yale university announces it is going to admit women

  9. As a Sens fan, I am in in favour of getting rid of all the McDonald’s just to see if that would change the leafs curse.

  10. Also:

    * Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, Canned Heat, Deep Purple, Vanilla Fudge, and Captain Beefheart had not released their debut albums yet.
    * Yemen wasn’t a country.
    * Che Guevara, Woody Guthrie, and RFK were all still alive

  11. Arguably one of the world’s top four legendary hockey franchises (if not *the* top one), with the largest captive native hockey market, and this is the result?

    Leafs Fans, I feel your pain.

    Like Manchester United, New York Yankees, and New England Patriots never making it past the first round in the playoffs in the last 50 years. Just *shocking*.