the japanese man who gets paid to ‘do nothing’ – BBC Reel

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  1. I could see this being a thing in a western market. Personally I might ask someone to go shopping with me, give me opinions on clothing or gifts. But ultimately I’d rather do this with a friend or a partner.

  2. Fun fact, there are many people in Japan who literally get paid to do nothing. Firing employees is nearly impossible both legally as well as culturally. Therefore companies who want people to leave just stop giving them work. They then get paid to sit at their desks staring out the window the whole day every day.

  3. He says he’s not doing anything productive, but I think he underestimates how good he is at making those other people happy, or at least less unhappy.

  4. I have no issues with this, clearly what he offers is valued greatly by those who hire him. He could be the difference between total mental breakdown or worse, OR being able to keep on going and get better.

  5. What the fuck is going on with this audio? Very confusing. Maybe their sound guy decided to do nothing.

  6. I thought this would be a very silly, niche idea with no practical use but the more you listen, the more wonderful it becomes. He is paid to be a quiet companion. I can actually see how I would find this useful. I’m an introvert who loves social gatherings, museums, restaurants, and festivals and my bf doesnt. I’d benefit from having someone to go with who could look out for me without needing or expecting anything from me. I mean, I’ve got no money but if I had a lot of disposable cash I would consider it, definitely. I’d even consider offering this service to others but, I’m a woman, I doubt I’d be hired with “nothing” in mind, unfortunately.

  7. I remember reading about this and finding it fascinating how Japan simply puts social things which are usually market failure areas and puts them into the system as financially viable options

    Its better than those needs going unmet though not as good as a strong well paid care system

  8. At 300 a day 365 days a year he’s over $100k but that’s not realistic. dude is probably pulling down decent money, though, for Tokyo living.

    it strikes me as one of those odd facets of japanese life/society. that place can be brutal in how it grinds people down – notice how he mentioned his boss just kind of casually shit all over him. that’s how shut-ins (hikikmori) become a thing where adults shut themselves in the rooms of their parents house and never go out. this guy is an oddball but at least he’s doing something and, better yet, giving some comfort to people. it’s uniquely japanese, for sure.

  9. this is just n effect of the horrible social climate affecting japan and its growing elderly population, low birth rate, and stagnant population increase. companionship is weird in japan, the 0-100
    (or not) dating scene, hostess club, secluded hermit generation, and etc.

  10. This news organization is part of the BBC yet they can’t hire decent editors. There’s a couple of flash frames in the beginning and the sound levels are all over the place.

  11. Gigolo without the sex…

    Gigolo: a young man paid or financially supported by a woman, typically an older woman, to be her escort or lover.