The horror…

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2022-08-05 22:15:04

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  1. Auto reply with the people they should contact when you are not there. And return dates. Then assume all issues were handled by the alternates unless they ping you again when you get back.

  2. I’d take, “I have 358 emails after time off.”

    If you are supposed to respond to them all, you should’ve had a point of contact set up before hand.

    Enjoy your time off. It’s a company. Others can take care of the needs of those people.

    If they’re waiting on you, while you’re just being a person, that’s not good for them, you, or the company.

  3. Or just don’t. Scan for anything interesting treating it like a news feed, and then forget it all. If it was that important – they’ll ask you again.

  4. If you use outlook, and you get over 10 emails a day, educate yourself on Rules and Categories.

    You can automatically sort, color-code, schedule and create tasks for incoming emails using really straightforward scripting (“When I get an email with ‘invoice’ in the subject, categorize that email as ‘Invoice’ and put it in the Invoice folder”)

    Also, go into your View tab and turn on the Conversation setting. It’ll group your emails based on identical subject lines, so you can see all of the correspondence for a single conversation in an easy-to-read package.

  5. I’m off for 2 weeks for thyroid surgery, and I’m certainly not looking forward to reviewing my inbox when I log back on.

  6. Lol, I told corporate that they need to contact my personal Gmail account if they want me to see their emails and they haven’t. Works like a charm. If they want me they call the office.

  7. Next time, away message should state “ I will not respond to messages left during my vacation. I will archive them for future reference if needed. Please contact me after Tuesday <date> for normal business. If immediate response is needed, get ahold of <coworker>”

    Tuesday so you have a day to recover when you get back to office…or so your boss thinks you just couldn’t wait to get back.

    Bonus tip for Voice Mail to “ I don’t monitor my voicemail, please text me”

  8. In my experience, upwards of 80% of work emails don’t merit a response… So I wouldn’t worry about it too much…

  9. Just set an auto responder “I am currently on annual leave, all emails during this time will be automatically deleted”

  10. took 2 weeks 2 weeks ago was not that many but then it was during the 3 weeks most people are on vacation, will get 1 week more in a week it may be different when I get back then.

  11. I was 2 weeks injured and now I have 3 weeks vacation.. The first week back to work will be pure horror.