The feline lore keeps growing

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  1. Meowscles and Lynx Fucked, somehow had a cat kid named kit, and the aunt is Meow Skulls. They could have adopted kit too

  2. I know meowscles/ kit have unique dialoge with meow skulls but do they have any with lynx that might help a little?

  3. I’m more concerned if Meowscles and Lynx had a night together

    Or if Kit is adopted

    OR the mother left before Meowscles met Lynx and she’s now the step-mum after falling in love with him

    I don’t want to think Lynx gave birth to a kitten

  4. Kit is child of meowscles
    Lynx seems like kit mom ( npc dialog and description sounds like divorce parents)
    Meowscles is meow skulls’ brother
    Ally is lynx’s sister
    Vix might be lynx or just rando
    Toon meowscles is snapshot who ate cartoon fish
    Empress pet is unrelated
    Lynx works for the Santa company I think