The Discord call between xQc, Train, Asmon, Mizkif, and…

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The Discord call between xQc, Train, Asmon, Mizkif, and others was recorded

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  1. I stated this earlier, the way X was talking to hasan yesterday made it seem like someone had the recording just in case

  2. Gotta keep a couple bullets in your back pocket just in case, ya know? I think it’s crazy how open they are about using adrianah as weapon. I honestly think they do not care about her and just use her as needed to get back at people. No remorse I’d never admit to that and at least try to frame it as genuinely trying to help her. But whatevs crypto gambling is banned, streamers are scum, and they’ll still be millionaires when it’s all said and done.

  3. Someone should just leak the full call. What is the point of holding back at this point? There’s zero evidence so far about Train’s claim of a huge cover-up, until Mitch and Barry make statements. Zero evidence. This all just makes Train and XQC look even worse, like this is all a game to them about unsubstantiated nukes they can drop to try to ruin people’s careers because they’re so butthurt about being criticized for gambling streams. If you have the tapes, release them. Otherwise, this is just Train’s witch-hunt. As people learn the facts, they realize that. I’ll literally pull a 180 if they leak the call and it clearly implicates Miz.

  4. That was pretty much a guarantee. Always make sure to have something like this up your sleeve if timely pressed.

  5. I don’t know why everyone here is angry that the call was recorded. Every corporation also records everything especially when you’re in conflict and potential legal battle with someone. X recorded everything so that if OTK starts making shit up he will just show proof of what were OTK true intentions. Also 100% someone from OTK side also recorded whole thing.

  6. OTK are geniuses for getting on a recorded line to say sensitive damning information *with the very people* who just leaked their sensitive damning information.

  7. They have a recording of the call.

    They’ve mentioned people on the call pushing back, pressuring and even blackmailing to get the tweet deleted.

    But instead of exposing the actual literal attempted cover up on the call, they spent an entire day attacking Hasan and Poki because their first few minutes of genuine confusion about the tweet.

    Is there any doubt who the “BAD FAITH” players are here?

  8. If Miz or anyone on OTK said some incriminating shit on this call, they are incredible morons. I honestly think the call was dumb on OTK’s part in the first place. You think you’re gonna have a productive discussion with the people who literally want to end your career? And you incriminate yourself? How fucking stupid can you be?

    Hate this whole “allude to shit but don’t actually leak it” bullshit streamers do tho. If you want to end Mizkif and you think he did sketchy shit, release the call. You clearly do want to end Mizkif. So do it. I have no idea why I have to beg for evidence from people making accusations. I guess for content.

  9. Anyone on mobile have a hard time with these YouTube clips? If the streamer is live and I click on the video clip- it goes straight to the live broadcast. If the streamer is not live, I have to wait a few minutes before the streamer addresses the topic listed in the title. Is it just mobile thing?

  10. Somebody needs to tell X to stfu, otk clearly has lawyers looking into everything and this man is still running his mouth.

  11. So this is the call where Miz tried to stand up for Slick to the very end? Would be an incredibly bad look for him if they released any of Miz trying to protect slick just a day before he dropped his twit longer denouncing slick and dropping him.

  12. It wont be released because now it is pending a legal investigation. If anyone does stuff they will get in trouble

  13. This is really bad for miz. I guess he said some really bad/fucked up shit in this call. Holy fuck miz is stupid. Never think a private conversation will always remain private.

    Dont commit career suicide miz. X and Train own you now.

    With this “blackmail” x and train will always have miz on a fucking leash like a fucking dog. He better behave.

  14. Well in this case either no party or every party records it right? Otherwise one party can show stuff out of context

  15. Anyone doubting this was all about weaponizing Adrianah and using the situation as ammo for the future is delusional. They’ve openly said this was ammo, have clearly loved using it as ammo, and have been focused entirely on protecting themselves their cash flow and attacking their enemies. So vile. X I think I just a complete moron dumbass where as Train is a complete scumbag pos. At the end I hope Slick, Slicker, Train, and Miz get what they deserve. Maya and X did some really stupid things and made fucked up decisions but I’m not going to treat them like full on villains, especially Maya.

  16. Previously, they gave me the impression that this call involved legal threats or blackmail. This just seems like friends begging not to release a specific narrative (which may or may not be good faith)

    Doesn’t seem like a gotcha recording