‘The Crow’ and the Endless Problems With Getting a Reboot…

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‘The Crow’ and the Endless Problems With Getting a Reboot Soaring, Explained

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  1. It’s simple. Just don’t have the character of Eric Draven. That’s is. Go ahead and make a Crow movie. But don’t use Eric Draven as a character

  2. So much talk in the article about who could direct, who could act… Not a single mention of James O’Barr. Talks about being a gritty, grounded reboot, as if it’s a novel concept. Like, homie, that’s what the original was, that’s what the source material was.

    But beyond all that, The Crow was perfect in its time. The small time rock star in a big city was a character perfect for the early 90s. The gothy aesthetic was perfect for the time. The music that coordinated with it was perfect for the time. Like, when it came out, you could go to bigger nightclubs and see Thrill Kill Cult, and Medicine, just like in the movie. How you gonna jump that hoop now? Skip the musical cameos? Weak. Make the soundtrack contemporary? Weaker. No one’s making the kind of edgy music that goes with that style of movie now.

    Can we just accept that some things are best left as they are?

  3. There would be no problems. If they left well enough alone.

    The Crow is perfect in its original form. A remake is an insult to the memory of Brandon Lee.

    Edit: and fans. There should be no remake. AT ALL.

    Edit: no really. There’s an entire world of stories out there waiting to be discovered and they want to ruin a classic. For insta-views?

    What a waste of potential talent out there.

  4. There’s no reason we need a reboot, we have four movies all with the same basic plot, make a fifth movie. Yes, I know none of the sequels have been as well received as the original, but that’s because none of the sequels are as good as the original. Just make a new movie about a person who’s murdered along with their loved ones and comes back as an invulnerable revenant to get revenge against the murderers, and then, and this is the important factor: give the slightest amount of shits while making it.

  5. Shouldn’t revisit Eric Draven. There are many options in the catalog, some even more interesting ideas. “Dead Time” could be badass, as long as they don’t go to the direct to video sequels for inspiration.

  6. I find it odd that people keep talking about this as a “reboot” of the original movie when really it’s just a new adaptation of the original comic source material.

    I see a lot of disdain for the idea, and I get it. But I’m a *huge* fan of the movie. I have it’s logo tattooed on my arm for nearly 20 years. It was my favorite movie and I still list it in my top 5. It was a big part of my formative gothy years. It is a movie that is actually *important* to me, moreso because of who I was at the time than the film itself.

    There were already sequels, sequel comics, plenty of rumors…it’s not like the original movie hasn’t had lackluster follow-ups. The Alex Proyas/Brandon Lee movie itself changed some major things from the comics. I think doing a new adaptation is an idea worth exploring.

    Of course that’s if they can do it right. Some here seem to think that there’s no way it *could* be done right. While I see the criticisms and I think the odds are against it, I still am curious to see if they can pull it off. And even if they don’t, much like the sequels, it won’t sully James O’Barr’s comic or the 1994 movie. Those will still exist=)

    I’d also like to see some of the other Crow comics adapted; I think Iris Shaw’s story in Flesh & Blood has a lot of potential as a film too.

  7. Personally, it’s a no from me. I’m not 100% opposed to a film set in the same universe but following different characters and a new revenge. I’d want it done as a retro through back- use the same kind of aesthetic and music. But no remakes.

  8. They need to take a page from ‘Prey’ and make a Crow movie in a completely different setting and time. While the Crow is usually associated with a dark and gritty urban environment, I’d love to see a Crow movie that took place in the old West, Victorian England, Ming Dynasty China, or any other interesting locale and time period. I think the supernatural aspect, aesthetic of the character, and the story’s themes of justice and vengeance are pretty malleable.

  9. Loved The Crow, really hope they don’t make a direct sequel or re-make of it. Maybe something in that style and world would be okay but as far as I’m concerned the Eric Draven story was perfectly told and completed.

  10. I’ll never forget being drunk as fuck, and coming across one of the Crow sequels on TV late at night. It had Booth, and the T2 kid in it. It was so bad that I thought it was just because I was drunk until I watched it again some time later sober. Horrible movie.

  11. Probably because we don’t need one and the franchise has been milked dry there’s no more good ideas. New content from studios would be ideal but that’ll never happen since they can’t predict if it’ll make money that way

  12. Maybe if they change Eric Draven to Erica Draven , and make Erica a black transgender, non-binary, pronoun person……………it’ll have a chance for success.

  13. How about leave it the fuck alone. Hollywood writers have zero imagination so all they do are remakes and charge us inflated prices to see them.

  14. Don’t try to recreate the mona lisa just to get some bucks out of it. The Crow is perfect as it is. The actors, the soundtrack, the ambient, the story. Everything about it made it a classic.

  15. What is there to do in a remake that the original didn’t? It was already R rated. It was already memorably stylized. It was already reasonably faithful to the source material.