The class nerd, when he’s already answering the second page…

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The class nerd, when he’s already answering the second page of the test. from reactiongifs

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  1. As having been the class nerd, I always felt confused , not confident, because I don’t understand anybody ever, and if I’m the only one , then I must be doing it wrong.

  2. Actual Class Nerd had paid no attention to anything but the test. This is just what the Jocks imagined was going on.

  3. Once I was in my endocrinology class and I finished my test 20 minutes before anyone else did. My friend told me everyone stared as I handed in my test and the only explanation was I was really prepared or I gave up. Truth is I got a B but I got so anxious with tests I needed to be done with them as fast as possible so my stomach would stop hurting. Also if I was not one of the first people done that was usually a bad sign

  4. I was once late to an exam. Walked in, got my test, sat down, and started about ten minutes behind everyone else. I finished before everyone else. I don’t remember what I got but I definitely didn’t fail.

  5. Sophomore English, I had begged to be put in an advanced track because I was so bored, but the school denied it because I didn’t do my homework.

    We had to do weekly vocab tests. The first half of the test, was the teacher reading out the twenty vocab words in random order, to test our spelling. Then, we were given time to match the words to their definitions on the bottom of the page. As soon as she read a word out, I’d write it down and match it to its definition. When the teacher had read out the second to last word, I’d write it, match it, and then write and match the final word based on the remaining definition. I’d flip the sheet over less than halfway through the test and stare angrily at the concrete wall while everyone else spent another 15 minutes finishing the test.

    God, I hated that class.