That’s why he was unusually insistent to Vader that the…

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+3473 – That’s why he was unusually insistent to Vader that the probe droid didn’t find the base during his first scene.

2022-08-06 13:49:50

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  1. When I saw ESB for the first time I thought that Ozzel would be revealed to be a Rebel Spy near the end of the film and I was disappointed when that didn’t happen.

  2. Nah, in one of the clone wars comics A captain Osell is the most incompetent scared cowardly officer there and actually gets an entire clone unit destroyed

  3. If you really think it, the entire Original Trilogy is just set up on a bunch of heros. Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, R2D2, Lando, Everyone from Rogue One and this guy. Funny how people try to say Luke is a Mary Sue character… but in fact he’s just the main character with so, SO much support. Same sorta cant be said for Rey

  4. I recall Luke getting beat up by Tusken raiders, having the remote beat him in training, grabbed and nearly eaten by a dianoga, his x wing getting shot up, nearly shot down by another random tie fighter etc.

    Use the force is literally telling him to “let go” and trust your instincts.

    Rey literally succeeds at everything ever except for her fight with Kylo on Takodana. Then she somehow masters several force techniques without ever seeing them much less hearing that they exist. The sequels were the worst form of lazy writing by people imitating without understanding