That’s exactly what he did. He’s such a racist pig.

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  1. Yep that racist POS actually posted that, but this is who he’s always been. Nothing about his racist ass has ever change.

  2. I am an elderly 45, and I am THRILLED so many people were not familiar with this term. Old fashioned racist epithets are the ugliest to me. I guess bc they were used in polite conversation for a period of time.

  3. And I’m loving that it’s black women attorney generals takin his racist punk ass down.
    Next Georgia…..👏🏽

  4. I am sooo glad it’s a black woman who has taken him down, it does my heart good & I will sleep sooo good tonight! Who else will sleep better because of this wonderful woman?

  5. I certainly wouldn’t put it past Trump to use a racial slur of course but is there any meaning to “peekaboo” if indeed that was what he was aiming for?

  6. Don’t bring attention to his horse shit platform….you’re playing into his tiny little hands…fuck his worthless opinion of anything

  7. If she’s a “failed AG,” then why is he shitting bricks about her efforts? Why would the banks and insurance companies have an issue with the orange shit gibbon if they “were fully paid, made a lot of money”?

  8. Watching an absurdly wealthy man, who stumbled into one of the most powerful jobs on the planet, constantly whine like a fucking bitch is one of the most pathetic things I have ever seen. (Second only to the people who worship his whiny pathetic ass.)

  9. “and never had a complaint about me” Is the man constantly too fucked up to string together a coherent paragraph of speech?