Thanks, I hate an AI generator’s “last selfie ever taken”

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2022-08-06 02:56:03

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  1. I just ran a craiyon prompt a few hours ago for “the end of all life, illustration” and I swear a version of this dude came up. I think it must be a common image in the libraries.

    I really wish I would have saved it.

  2. Dunno why but for me, a creepier version would be a person trying to make themselves look the best and trying to smile while the world behind them and inside them is falling apart. They are trying to delude themselves into thinking that nothing is wrong.

    Fken terrifying.

  3. This reminds me of the person who was recording too close to the Beirut explosion and got taken out by the blast. It wasn’t a selfie but it definitely was a final moments shot, which is genuinely as creepy to me.

    100% the ai isn’t wrong, even though we wouldn’t get to see it there would be someone out there getting nuke selfies. Unless they had auto upload.

  4. I don’t believe that’s the prompt it was given. It would be a lot more descriptive to create these images. The AI doesn’t have an opinion or insight on why selfies would stop being taken. OP is just karma whoring.

  5. Can we just delete the AI please. We don’t need this kind of witchcraft in our lives right now. Maybe 2023 will be better. Or 2033.

  6. the one on the left looks like that meme where the two guys point at something while looking at the camera

  7. For some reason, I feel like the one on the right looks a lot like Lost Silver FNF. I think it’s because of the eyes

  8. I feel like I can’t find this creepy because no shit the last selfie will be at the end of the world. It’s the end of the fucking world.

  9. These seem like one of those images we’ll eventually see a real life version of and be like, “this looks eerily like one of those ‘AI last selfie ever taken’ pics,” and take it as yet another sign that the end times approach.