Texas AG says counties can spend COVID relief funds on extra…

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Texas AG says counties can spend COVID relief funds on extra pay for elected officials without public notice

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732 shares, 855 points


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  1. Funny how only the deep red counties have any covid funds left because the rest of us used them for their intended purpose. Can the federal government stop just giving money to red states who abuse it?

  2. We Texans MUST replace our swamp creatures! We are a national… umm, we are global embarrassment as a democratic society. Fuck this asshat…

  3. BROOOOOOOO what the fuuuuuuuck?

    You people are really speedrunning the despotism playbook, huh? Can’t wait for the final chapter when the people get their revenge. I just hope paxton and abbott are still around to feel the burn.

  4. Corruption, cronyism, collusion. These people suck. They do not care about Texas citizens. Their entire paradigm is I Got Mine Fuck You.

  5. Texas is fucked and corrupt. We will never turn blue due to corruption and rural Texas being wolfcreek. Fuckin dirt billies