Tesla update 2022.36 features new Energy App, Supercharger…

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Tesla update 2022.36 features new Energy App, Supercharger popular times

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712 shares, 853 points


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  1. **Note:** this update hasn’t been released yet and this is simply a sneak peek for what is to come. 2022.36 may include other features as well not listed in this article.

  2. This is fantastic! Much needed to understand how the energy is utilized. The UI looks much better than how many other apps present this info. Exciting update!

  3. Being in FSD Beta, I won’t see these features for like a year at the current release cadence. I’m hopeful Tesla catches the beta testers up closer to the main branch. We used to be one version behind, now I think we will be 3 versions behind. (FSD beta is still on the 2022.20 branch)

  4. Wow! Love it. Especially the breakdowns of what is consuming juice. I use this view quite a lot when doing longer drives.

  5. >Tesla introduced the device in the store at the bargain basement price of $250 USD, a significantly better deal.

    Uhhh, that’s NOT a bargain for an adaptor.