Team Liquid officially part ways with Sliggy

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+451 – Team Liquid officially part ways with Sliggy

2022-08-05 13:25:06

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  1. As always with coaches, it is hard to say exactly what Sliggy’s impact was on Liquid. However, given that they did so well despite having consistent IGL issues, I have to conclude he did a lot for them in terms of developing their gameplan. Regardless, I’ve really been enjoying his costreams, and it’s evident he’s got an excellent mind for the game–he’s a great pickup for any team that makes franchising and needs a proven coach.

  2. End of an era in a sense, although it’s obviously been over for months now. Sliggy was maybe the most identifiable coach for the first two years of Valorant, alongside Mini on FNATIC maybe?

    People maligned him at times for comp stuff but I genuinely think he carried Liquid for a long time by giving them robust enough game-plans to obscure their poor mid-rounding. And I really respect how much he focused on expanding soulcas’ and L1nk’s agent pools; he turned two very limited players into two of the best flexes in all of EMEA.

    Curious to see where he lands, as fun as his streams are for everyone involved I’m sure he’ll be aiming for franchising.

  3. I’ve been watching sliggys watch party’s for a while and his valorant knowledge is something I could never achieve. I can’t wait to see what team picks him up.

  4. I wonder why he was signed for so long? I swear he hasn’t been with them since before last lcq

    Edit: I’m dumb

  5. A coach who can genuinely bring a team places just by comp and strat setups, he would be a huge pickup for any struggling team with issues. C9, Sentinels, and maybe one of the other lower Tier 1 teams in NA could use him. I don’t know much about how the coaching is in EMEA besides the top teams who’s coaches seem good enough to take them to wins.