Teachers, Students and the Central York Community Defeated a…

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Teachers, Students and the Central York Community Defeated a Racist Book Ban in Their School District

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  1. So pay attention to your local school boards who suddenly vote on eliminating school librarians or library assistants (Happening now in North Allegheny)…it is the beginning of book bans in schools. Make no mistake. Library assistants are a fraction of most school budgets so any school board that is looking to get rid of those positions has a much larger agenda.

  2. Omigod this is so good to hear. I lived in York for a few years while very young. The stories my parents have about the racism there are horrific. One of their dear friends was forced to barricade in their home while being targeted by the klan.

    My mother taught elementary school there and introduced the American Doll books on Addy to her class and received a lot of backlash from fellow teachers and administrators. This was over 20 years ago.

    I’m elated to see this win, even if small in the grand scheme of things.

  3. Wow I had her 20 years ago! Makes me proud to see this. Did not expect to see her face on the internet today. Sad the city district lost her though

  4. I really don’t think we’re talking enough about how conservatives are trying to ban books by black authors