Teacher in Florida goes on racist rant

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Teacher in Florida goes on racist rant from PublicFreakout

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482 shares, 830 points


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  1. Fuck that racist piece of shit. Such a big man he is talking down to kids, what an absolute loser he is.

    “I will defend my country till the very end” why not defend this kid’s right to free speech hypocrite.

    He’s no “teacher” he’s a bully.

  2. “I will defend my country” from what, the kids right to not stand up? I’m pretty patriotic but also get over yourself dude. Pledge deez.

  3. You went to school for so long to become a teacher, just to be a racist twat to your students. Kinda backwards don’t you think?

  4. FREEDOM!!! The land of the free!!! I’ll defend it to the end!!!

    What you don’t want to participate in this performative pledge? Get the fuck out!!!

  5. Hey America: your pledge of allegiance thing is really fucking weird. Like North Korea style weird. Love, Europe.

  6. He’s a white nationalist who believes he’s a patriot. He is no patriot and like all these clowns has zero understanding of how freedom functions in this country. He certainly should not be a teacher.

  7. “This country gives you rights and I hate that so I’ll defend this country from you exercising those rights!”