1. Religion abuser 💀

  2. That’s such a fucked up thing to lie on lmao, so scummy

  3. Wow what a throwback. Remember when Sliker was found out to have scammed a bunch of streamers and viewers? What was it, like 8 months ago? Maybe a year? It’s hard to remember exactly when that happened, so much has happened in between

  4. Why does Tarik look like the kid sitting in the prinipals office with their parent?

  5. Wow so he exploits cancer patients and religion…


  6. Damm. Tarik seems like such a good dude. Fuck Slicker for taking adv of people like this. Just makes good people jaded.

  7. Slikker really is one lucky mofo, getting his scams repaid for him by millionaires while also having someone else with a name similar to his having a bigger drama to distract from his drama

  8. How does he even sleep at night forget strangers but using your own Religion and Family to scam people…What a horrible way of life to live.

  9. Can this sack of shit face some reaper cushions by now? It’s insane he got a $300k get out of jail free card and everybody let it all slide. He’s probably still actively gambling. Has he even been active on any socials or anything?

  10. How can you be this shameless? asking and begging people you barely know for money

    actual pathetic loser

  11. Nadeshot is wrong here, Sliker is nasty for this every Muslim knows the mount of deeds you get when you give charity in Ramadan, I don’t give anyone anything but if he would’ve asked me the same thing I would’ve give it to him.

    He used a weakness point for Muslims.

  12. Not surprised guy is such a low life

  13. to play the opposing side of what the red shirt guy said, I would say that he can because streamers can easily make back the 1 or 2k that they got scammed from sliker.

    I will say however, I don’t know how so many streamers got scammed by Sliker with the excuse that “money is tight” because streamers can easily make bank just by being live for like an hour or two (assuming they got a slight following).

  14. Streamers must be the dumbest people ever.

  15. It was almost the perfect crime, just enough fame for it to be believable as why would someone with a large following do it but not enough fame for people to think he had millions. And with lies about buying gifts as well, what a terrible person.

  16. Shameless.

  17. Bro really fucked himself AND his family on the deen 😭like no going back from there from the big man

  18. Ofc. A lot of Muslims do this. Use their religion etc. This isn’t just Muslims. It’s all religions.

    All religions are a scam. Christianity is scam and so Islam. All lies pretty much.

  19. Tarik you’re like a month late to this drama man

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