Tanks ‘Absolutely on the Table’ for Ukraine: U.S. Defense…

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Tanks ‘Absolutely on the Table’ for Ukraine: U.S. Defense Official

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  1. U.S military be like, “we got loads of useless cold-war era shit back in storage and only 2 countries worth using them against lets fucking do it”

  2. We as as the American people have made it very clear that if there is something to buy, we can get something to sell.

    Don’t @ us on this

  3. I feel good reading about this but at the same time I feel sad for my online Russian friends that will soon be sent to face these realities for no reason except some demented little man’s lack of integrity to admit failure in being a good leader.

  4. Sending them some Strykers and upgraded M60s would seem to be more than enough. A few European countries must have some older armor of their own they could send much faster.

  5. After all the arms that we’ve been sending them, they’d better say “Tanks! Tanks for all the hardware and intel!”

    I mean, really. A simple show of gratitude will go a lo– oh, wait. We’re talking about MBTs…

  6. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.newsweek.com/tanks-absolutely-table-ukraine-us-defense-official-1744308) reduced by 80%. (I’m a bot)
    > The U.S. may eventually fulfill Ukraine's wish for new tanks to help in its war against Russia, according to a senior Department of Defense official.

    > The official, who spoke to reporters on the condition of anonymity during a Pentagon briefing on Monday, said that the option of supplying Ukraine with tanks remained "Absolutely on the table." Ukraine's military has been relying on Soviet-era tanks throughout the war but is seeking more modern replacements.

    > Modern tanks similar to those used by NATO countries could be supplied at a later date but would also require Ukraine to be provided with "Substantial" new training to operate the tanks, the official said.

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  7. The Abrams is designed to do well in most environments, and stupid fast for a tank. I’d think they’d be perfect for a lighting strike counter offensive.

  8. Total layman here. But when is the us ever going to use tanks again? They barely worked in Iraq and hopefully we wont be doing any invading for the next decade or two. Why not offload them all.

  9. Tanks no longer serve a purpose in modern warfare. I think from a military standpoint the US just want to do some testing.

  10. There never seems to be even a single thought to deesculate in this sub. Instead of calling for our governments in the west to enter into peace negotiations to end this conflict we constantly raise the stakes.

    Ukraine has just had a major victory in the Kharkhov region and it is still too early for the Autumn rains and additional troops to completely halt their advance, now, in a time of strength is the time for Ukraine to negotiate. Otherwise, we risk the tables once again turning on Ukraine, we risk the threat of escalating to nuclear war and we guarantee that hundreds of thousand more Ukranian and Russian sons, fathers, brothers, and husband’s will join the already tens of thousands of their own countrymen in an early grave.

    Like the populations of Europe in the period following the assassination Franz Ferdinand, alot of you seem not to grasp where we are headed if this escalation keeps up.