Tank and Healer Bonus Rewards in Dungeons Include Pets and…

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Tank and Healer Bonus Rewards in Dungeons Include Pets and Mounts in Wrath Classic

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  1. how does the game determine whether you are an actual tank or healer? because currently in the lfg tool anyone can list as a healer or tank regardless of class. so i could form a party of 5 tanks to earn the rewards even tho im a mage for example?

    and it is confirmed to not be bugged in an interview by brian birmimgham also released earlier today where he stated that in theory everyone could tank and they dont want to limit classes possibilities so they will keep letting you list yourself as a tank while being a priest or whatever class.

  2. In the same interview with MrGM and Scottejaye where Kris Zierhut announced Heroic Plus Dungeons, another change coming in Wrath Classic will reward Tanks and Healers with bonus rewards from Dungeons. There is even a small chance at some very rare mounts such as Deathcharger’s Reins, ~~Ashes of Al’ar~~, and Reins of the Raven Lord!

    Edit – In the interview, Kris Zierhut said “mount from Kael’thas” leaving many people speculating Ashes of Al’ar. But, Kris could be referencing the Swift White Hawkstrider from Magister’s Terrace and not Ashes of Al’ar!

    Edit #2 – Blizzard has confirmed that the mount is Swift White Hawkstrider.

  3. Sounds good, more healers/tanks – more dungeons being run, less waiting in Q…


    Can’t wait for dps-geared paper plane DK’s to Queue as tanks and be a burden to healers

  4. LOL well guess i will be tanking dungeons after all.

    This was pretty much the only thing blizzard ever did that actually fixed the tank/healer shortage, of course DPS whined about it incessantly.

  5. Why are people upset about this? They literally did this in WoTLK. If your role was in demand in LFG, you got a bonus bag for queuing up and completing the dungeon. I got the Reins of the Blue Drake this exact way.

  6. What are the chances that all the power dorks in here complaining are DPS w/ no tank/healer alt and are the first ones to ask “WhErE aRe AlL tHe TaNkS/HeAlErS aT???? kEkW”

  7. I like the incentive for tanks/healers to do more dungeons for consumables and what not, but not sure about the whole mount drop thing. Depends on how rare they truly are from the bags.

  8. I just want them to add this feature to retail so I can get swift zulian tiger. I hate so much that they took that mount away, I farmed so long for that thing and never got it. Gonna start trying to farm it in classic though.

  9. How does this even work when there’s no group finder? If your roll is flagged tank /heal you get it? aka everyone just flags their spec to w/e for bonus loot and their tool is even more useless than current state?

  10. random shit like raven lord, deathcharger, white hawkstrider etc. i get, but ashes seems just too much. it’s rare as fuck, not to mention it’s one of very few 310s in the game

  11. The last bit of the stream was so cringe.

    “We always do what the people want with classic”

    People, not me per se but I would definately play it, have been asking for classic + for years now. Just some extra content, be it raids / dungeons / zones.

    They never talk about that stuff.

    “We read reddit”

    Sure, man, sure.

  12. If they’re going to add this feature they should just add in account wide mounts and pets. I don’t see a reason not to at this point.