Would you support taxing the unvaccinated in BC as is being proposed in Quebec?

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    Why or why not?




    Can I get some sort of tax relief for healthy living?

    If we’re going to directly tax people for making bad choices, there should be relief for those who make good choices.

    Like people with an active gym membership. Or how about remove taxation from fitness equipment.



    I would rather a tax credit for those who are vaccinated, but I understand that would be significantly more expensive for the government. So yes I support it, similar to how smokers and drinkers are taxed.



    No. I’m vaccinated and still think this is a fucking stupid idea



    No it sets a dangerous precedence.



    I’d prefer expanding the vaccine passport coverage areas, instead of fines.

    Quebec expanded it to pot and liquor stores and saw 1st dose appointments quadruple. It goes to show there’s still more we can do to reach the holdouts.



    I don’t know about taxing the unvaxxed per se, but I like the other thing Quebec is apparently doing…you have to be vaxxed to buy booze/weed.



    I hate government over reach.

    And this is that on crack.

    That said, fuck these people. Like, really fuck these people.



    I’m not sure I’d support taxing anti-vaxxers, but I would support charging them for any medical care they required that could be directly related to covid.



    Vaxxed and this is a stupid idea.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 26 total)

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