When you’re so antiwork you end up working

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    When you’re so antiwork you end up working




    I dunno man, a strike is a strike do not anticipate me working.

    A french, son, brother and nephew of practice staff



    This method drivers guarantee, solely their firm loses cash, not everybody.



    This is superior too, however the objective of the strike is to disrupt society to create solidarity.

    When you not doing all your job disrupts different peoples jobs and their way of life, then folks see how essential your job is to society functioning effectively. Then others will be part of you in solidarity as a result of them (bus drivers) residing effectively means you additionally dwell effectively.



    That’s a giant mind transfer. Happy prospects. Disgruntled employer.



    Would the grocery retailer strike equal be letting individuals take meals with out paying?

    Edit: Since this took off a bit I wish to state unequivocally I’m not condoning looting or violence.
    And thanks for the award!



    It’s not concerning the cash, it is about sending a message.



    This is not a nasty thought tbh as a result of the drivers nonetheless receives a commission simply the corporate would not.



    I really like once they hit the overlords however hold employee class solidarity. I’m certain many employers would count on staff to take a pricy taxi in such a case and nonetheless shit discuss them for getting a couple of minutes late.



    This would by no means work within the US. They’d be arrested at gunpoint and charged with theft.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 31 total)

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