What is the most aggressive thing a woman has ever done to gain your attention?

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    I simply had one thing out of the films occur to me. this center aged woman sitting throughout me swopped seats to face me higher. she then proceeded to open and cross her legs in my full view whereas taking a look at me. she was sporting a quick skirt by the approach. i might actually really feel my testosterone come alive and my physique proved it..




    Tried to seize a beer out of my hand



    Girl1: She straight up requested me on a date, in the midst of the date hinted and seeing the within of my house, then on the finish of the date requested if she might use the lavatory in my house.

    Girl2: I used to be giving a experience house from the bar. When we acquired to her place, I stated goodnight. She grabbed the keys out of my ignition and stated you aren’t going anyplace tonight and bumped into her home with them.



    Profess their love (whereas wasted) in entrance of my spouse. This has occurred a number of instances.

    Once had a pals girlfriend say she wanted to speak. Pulls me right into a room, rapidly strips bare and begs me to fuck her. I simply walked out



    She gave a loud fart , which all of us heard , and known as me out by title to inform that it is her loudest fart ever.



    Many loopy issues have occurred over time, however what stands proud essentially the most in my thoughts is that one time that I acquired right into a combat with 4 different guys and a lady I knew and considerably hanged out with was randomly strolling down the road and noticed me preventing them, all by my self (silly, I might get harm, I do know). So, earlier than I do know it, I see her in my facet, kicking and screaming on the guys that I used to be preventing.

    So, yeah, not something sexual, however undoubtedly aggressive.



    We’d rented a caravan (cellular house UKers lease by the week to take a trip, often on the seaside) from a buddy. Halfway via the week she and her gf pop over to see us. Gf is excessive as a kite on coke and booze. She proceeds to straddle me, grind, kiss and encourages me to really feel her up and many others whereas insisting she’s psychic .

    I discovered it very awkward but in addition hilarious and never the slightest bit attractive. My SO, current for all of this, was additionally deeply amused and the children hid till she went away.

    Another time, earlier than I met SO, my finest buddy was a correct 8/10 large tiddy rock chick. We’d go clubbing collectively and as a rule she’d put on this entrance zipped corset prime that may inevitably open itself whereas she was dancing. I’ve seen her nipples extra instances than besties actually ought to.



    While at a halloween get together a few years in the past, on my means out, this sizzling 40ish aerobics teacher comes over, blocks the door, says “no no, you can’t leave..” and proceeds to method me, fondles my ass, my chest, and grabs my arm tightly and continues “you gotta stay, don’t go..” whereas looking at me with actually ravenous eyes (FYI, she was totally sober)

    I discovered the entire state of affairs a bit humorous and peculiar, trigger if I wasn’t in full Joker disguise (with make-up & whatnot), that form of lady would by no means method me for positive.



    Damn my life is unhappy 😒



    A very long time in the past after I was in highschool a woman that loved me, proceeded to hit me with a chair into the bottom (simply out of nowhere) after which bited me within the neck.

    “Did you like my vampire kiss?”…

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 45 total)

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