What did someone do to make you hate them instantly?

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    What did someone do to make you hate them immediately?




    Smoked meth round a child.



    A coworker who requested me my zodiac signal and once I informed them they bought truly upset they weren’t the one Capricorn at work anymore. She was 32 years previous too!



    Total scum molested my sister, went to court docket, I went to court docket to offer testimony for her, church he was concerned with made a big provide to my sister and he or she turned it down. She adopted by means of with the trial (it was NEVER in regards to the cash for her, it was justice) dude is rotting in hell proper now, they misplaced the case, sister was awarded double what the church supplied, but it surely doesn’t matter, she nonetheless cries about it. It effected her complete life. She didn’t need the cash, she needed the satisfaction of the church admitting that they’re scum and had been trying to cowl it up, for many years!! Moved this POS from church to church. Mom would not perceive why we aren’t non secular. I’d spit on his grave if I knew the place it’s.



    Telling humorous tales of abusing animals



    Insult me and threaten to take me to court docket as a result of I wouldn’t cowl up their very own unethical habits.



    Smoked in my automotive… i used to be selecting up some mates that have been caught in one other metropolis, ended up giving a carry to some rando they usually have been drunk, was a pal of a pal they usually have been smoking exterior when i picked him and my pal up, i advised him “no smoking in the car” he then places out his Cigarette and jumps in. midway down the Motorway i hear a lighter spark up and say “are you smoking?”.. his response… “yeah, but were on the motorway and i know its illegal for you to stop”

    so i parked up within the laborious shoulder and advised him “you can walk, or you can put that out… and if i have to drag you out of this car i will…” he tossed the cigarette out of the automotive and was an ass the complete approach again.



    Ripped my brothers listening to aids out of his ears, threw them within the bus trash and would not let him get again there till we advised the bus driver. 29 years later and I nonetheless hate your ass, Brittany D.



    Someone i used to know smacked their 2 12 months previous actually arduous (like actually fucking arduous) within the face simply because he by chance spilled a bowl of cheerios (no milk) on the ground. Obviously the child began to cry and i used to be was completely mortified.



    Back after I was beginning out as hospital safety we got here into shift briefing. Outgoing supervisor informs us {that a} workforce member is in psych. He would not put up with any jokes or any bullshit about it or he would get you fired. I revered that as a result of I did not like this supervisor.

    Then his supervisor got here in. Started treating it prefer it was the funniest factor on the planet to have a guard in psych. Him and the decrease supervisor (who had simply gone on a rant about how he would not stand for this sort of factor) had been laughing their asses off about it.

    I’ve my very own psychological well being points and I knew each guard current, if struggling a psychological well being disaster, would now not belief coming in to the hospital for assist for concern of ridicule. Hated the rating supervisor for that and reaffirmed my dislike of the clearly spineless decrease supervisor.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 28 total)

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