What culinary hill are you willing to die on?

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    What culinary hill are you willing to die on?




    We have to cease letting individuals put raisins the place they do not belong…. It’s getting out of hand.



    Sometimes the shitty, processed model is best than the gourmand model.



    MSG is wonderful



    Dry brining is simply placing salt on a chunk of meat. People attempting to make it sound fancy and new.



    Sometimes, the one seasoning you want on a steak is an efficient coating of salt and pepper. Plus, pan frying simply is likely to be higher than grilling



    instantaneous ramen is scrumptious



    All meals is fusion. No dish is above adoption or adaptation.



    Often doing issues “the right way” or “from scratch” simply isn’t value it. There are loads of shortcuts that provide you with 90% of the end result with 50% of the hassle. I’ll take these shortcuts nearly each time.



    There’s no such factor as a “dry” brine. By definition, brines are liquid primarily based. A salt-based dry rub is a treatment. Brines are additionally a sort of treatment, however they’re liquid primarily based. All brines are cures, however not all cures are brines.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 37 total)

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