Update from 343i Head of Design on shop and pricing discussion

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    Update from 343i Head of Design on shop and pricing discussion




    https://twitter.com/hookscourt/status/1482160542143823875 for many who wish to see the thread fully via twitter. Also hey Fellow Strike pressure participant Deadpool will see you now



    God in the event that they drop the costs by like 4x and allow us to purchase stuff at any time (or a minimum of rotate extra Dailies) I’d lastly have the ability to begin constructing my Spartans šŸ˜®

    So many issues within the retailer look wonderful, simply not $20 for one merchandise and a few pointless shite wonderful atm



    Sucks that season one become prolonged beta, however glad to see modifications are coming



    Are we getting the BTB Fix subsequent Tuesday as effectively???



    Sounds good. Iā€™m curious to see how the brand new outlets will look. I feel folks ought to maintain off any celebrations till they see how important the modifications are.

    On an unrelated be aware, it’s best to assemble your squad now in marvel strike pressure.



    This *sounds* promising, however it additionally sort of sounds an excessive amount of like precisely what we needed to listen to.

    Best to order judgment till we really see the modifications.



    Assemble your squad now!



    RemindMe! 4 days



    It’s referred to as anchoring, present individuals one thing so ludicrous ($20 skins) that one thing that was beforehand insane (paid cosmetics in any respect) now appears cheap. And in fact, r/halo is falling for it.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 30 total)

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