Trying to max bench without a spotter

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    Trying to max bench without a spotter




    What an idiot.



    Should have just pushed the weight back up…



    I really really appreciate the fact that he not only recorded but uploaded his butt Fuckery



    Did dude really manage to knock himself out with a fucking barbell?



    At least his face broke the fall so that’s something



    Power racks are not just for squats…



    Attempt was clearly well beyond a “pr” for him. This is what happens when people aren’t honest with himself. From looking at this he probably can’t even get 1 plate with proper form. And then jumped to this for a “pr”. It’s just youth and foolishness. Horribly form to start. And was struggling immediately after unracking. Ego lifting can kill you. Good lesson for newbies.



    for regular folk who lift solo, take the collars off your bench press bar. the weights will fall off if this happens to you



    You can try pb if you are brave enough, but you have to be honest with yourself and if you see that you can’t lift that, put the barbell on your chest and slowly put it on your belly and not on your fucking throat

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 31 total)

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